CAMBRIDGE INFOTECH located in Bangalore, offers the best Bigdata training in Kammanahalli. Cambridge Infotech has the best Bigdata trainers in Bangalore who have more than 8+ years in IT industry, Softcopy material of Bigdata and software will be provided with advanced computer lab. Bigdata training provides basic and advanced concepts of Bigdata. We have morning and Evening batches and fast tract course also will be given based on the request.Big Data course largely involves collecting data from different sources in a way that it becomes available to be consumed by analysts and finally deliver data products useful to the organization business.


Content of Bigdata:

Module 1 – What is Big Data?

  1. Characteristics of Big Data
  2. What are the V’s of Big Data?
  3. The Impact of Big Data

Module 2 – Big Data – Beyond the Hype

  1. Big Data Examples
  2. Sources of Big Data
  3. Big Data Adoption

Module 3 – The Big Data and Data Science

  1. The Big Data Platform
  2. Big Data and Data Science
  3. Skills for Data Scientists
  4. The Data Science Process

Module 4 – Use Cases

  1. Big Data Exploration
  1. The Enhanced 360 View of a Customer
  2. Security and Intelligence
  3. Operations Analysis

Module 5 – Processing Big Data

  1. Ecosystems of Big Data
  2. The Hadoop Framework