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Mechanical Draughtman

We  provide Mechanical Draughtman which is implied for the candidates who try to end up a professional draughtsman. After fruitful culmination of Mechanical Draughtman Course the student shall be able to perform the accompanying abilities with proper sequence.

  • Trainees will work as a junior draughtsman in industry
  • Prepare drawing, outline new parts ,gathering i.e. assembly ,details ,sections, drawing
  • Information in CAD/CAM.
  • Information of Technical English terms utilized as a part of industry


Need of Engineering Drawing:

  • What is drawing, Use
  • Introduction to Engineering Drawing

Basic Units:

  • Conversion of Units
  • Unit Systems – Metric, ANSI, IS,Degree

Orthographic Projections:

  • Preparation of sketches
  • Line, circle, arcs, Ellipse etc.
  • Types of Lines, line weights
  • Dimensions
  • Projection of Solids
  • Introduction of Angle method
  • Standard views
  • Assembly drawing
  • Ballooning & BOM
  • Templates, Std. formats
  • Dimensions as per IS standards


  • What is section
  • Types of section
  • Use of section views
  • Convention in section views
  • Section of Solids


  • Isometric concept
  • Need of isometric views
  • Isometric exercises
  • Dimension

Mechanical Features:

  • Screw, fasteners
  • Valves, Cotter, joints
  • Welding, riveting
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Piping symbols
  • Limits & fits
  • GD&T


  • Introduction to mechanical and plumbing design.
  • Introduction to AutoCAD & Pro-E (3D).

Work opportunities:

On effective finish of this course, the candidates should be beneficially utilized in the following industries:

  • Production & Manufacturing businesses.
  • Auxiliary Fabrication like bridges, Roof structures, Building & development.
  • Vehicles and partnered commercial ventures
  • Service enterprises like street transportation and Railways.
  • Boat building and repair
  • Infrastructure and guard associations
  • In broad daylight area commercial ventures like BHEL, BEML, NTPC, and so forth and private businesses in India & abroad.
  • Self employment.

Further learning pathways:

  • On fruitful consummation of the course students can seek after Apprenticeship training in the presumed Commercial ventures/Organizations.
  • On fruitful consummation of the course students can settle on Diploma course.
  • On fruitful consummation of the course students can settle on CITS course.


Duration : 80 Hrs