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AUTOCAD - (Electrical/Electronics/Instrumentation)

AutoCAD Electrical is a best in art system tool purpose-built to make and change electrical control systems.

AutoCAD Electrical, a fundamental piece of AutoCAD suite of engineering software items, accompanies capable drafting tools for controls and schematic outline. The rich storehouse of symbol libraries assist designers with expanding the profitability of electrical design assignments.

This incorporates the functionality of AutoCAD alongside extra features like system libraries particularly included for electrical design purposes.

The system libraries assist designing, with lay outing, drafting and testing electrical circuits on different levels, accordingly helping in the whole form designing of any segment.

Why would it be a good idea for you to learn?

AutoCAD Electrical assists you with making electrical control design, documentation, panel layout, schematic design and project management, and complete other normal design tasks successfully.

Since it uses drag and drop file organization, empowers reordering of files for electrical drafting undertakings, it lessens model improvement time and cuts data management time definitely, while boosting drafting productivity.


2D Drawings

  • Introduction of CAD
  • Preparations of Commands- Line,Circle,Arc etc.
  • Using Basic Keys, Creating basic Objects.

Working with Co-ordinate System.

  • View Drawing (Zoom, Pan)
  • Scaling objects, views.
  • Drawing Orthographic objects./p>
  • Duplication Using Mirror,Copy,Error,Trim
  • Creating Block/Libraries
  • Import/Export
  • Use of Xref
  • Symbols for basic Electrical & Electronics Components
  • Single line Diagram

3D Drawings

  • Introduction to 3D
  • Extruding and revolving objects
  • UCS concept and it’s use
  • Boolean using union, subtract and intersect
  • Standard views
  • shade Command
  • Plotting


  • Isometric concept
  • Isometric snap
  • Drawing Isometric objects
  • Dimensioning

Duration : 80-100 Hrs

Pre-essentials for AutoCAD course:

Any Student or Professional in the field of ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONICS/INSTRUMENTATION Engineering, Diploma & ITI