CompTIA, the world's leading tech association, is a thought leader and an action leader. From our new IT professional association to our leading certification programs, from our original research to our member communities and councils, our unparalleled programs set industry standards, foster skills development and generate knowledge and insight every day. With our members, we’re building the foundation for technology’s future.

CompTIA Certifications for Individuals:
1. CompTIA Certifications lead to new and rewarding IT career opportunities.
2. CompTIA Certifications afford increased job security in your current position.
3. CompTIA Certified professionals gain respect and credibility in the IT workplace.
4. CompTIA Certifications open the door to lucrative government and military technology positions.
5. Earning CompTIA Certifications proves to hiring managers that you are dedicated to
advancing your IT career.
6. CompTIA Certifications are requirements in the Certifications programs of leading vendors like Microsoft, IBM & Cisco.

CompTIA Certifications of Corporate:
1. Hiring CompTIA Certified workers leads to higher customer satisfaction.
2. Corporates with CompTIA Certified employees boast increased productivity.
3. Companies employing CompTIA Certified professionals have lower employee turnover.