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CompTIA Security

In today’s ever-changing environment it has become an absolute must to implement and maintain security technologies and policies. The Security+ certification training course takes the first step in teaching you to implement and monitor security on networks and computer systems, and respond to security breaches in the appropriate manner, making your skill set valuable to organizations of all sizes and industries.
Businesses of all sizes know the importance of information and IT security and have continued to invest as such. This investment is evidenced by the fact that many government employees in Information Assurance (IA) positions, and any contractors who serve certain IA functions, are now required to have a Security+ certification. This requirement was put into effect as part of the aforementioned DoD-8570 directive, and most directly applies to entry and mid-level IT personnel.
At Cambridge Infotech, our CompTIA Security+ training courses are taught by certified IT security professionals with a minimum of 3 years teaching experience. Our instructors are also required to have IT security and cyber security experience along with additional, supplementary certifications and continued education in the industry. All classes are 40 hours long and available as daytime, evening, or weekend schedules.

Duration: 1 Month