Cambridgeinfotech offers a fulltime program in digital marketing. They cover 8 topics of digital marketing in their course. Their course covers SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Lead Generation.

Why Choose Cambridgeinfotech?

  • Faculties have more than 8 years of Experience in Digital Marketing
  • Google Adwords Certified Trainers
  • Google Analytics Certified Trainers
  • Work on live projects and gain hands-on experience
  • Our main mission is to build your career as a Digital Marketing Specialist
  • 3 months assistance after completion of the course
  • Interview Training
  • Job assistance

Digital Marketting


The world is going digital now days, so is the advertising! There is a critical need of experts who comprehend this medium and can utilize these innovations to contact right buyers showcases all the more successfully. Digital Marketing Course which gives a quantitative way to deal with comprehends and outfit apparatuses like Online Advertising and Social Media to meet authoritative/singular destinations.

We are one of the leading Digital Marketing Institute which offers excellent course in digital marketing to its students. we also provide Digital Marketing Certification to the students who successfully pass the exams.

As mentioned above, Digital Marketing Course covers various areas and section of topics in itself covers all the topics in a very sequential manner. There are various topics like,

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC or Pay Per Click
  • SMO or Social Media Optimization
  • Web Master Tool
  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress
  • Video, Content & Affiliate Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or administrations utilizing digital technologies, chiefly on the web, additionally including mobile phones as these are widely used, displaying ads, and some other digital medium.

The route in which digital marketing has developed subsequent to the 1990’s and 2000’s has changed the way brands and organizations use innovation and digital marketing for their marketing purpose. Digital advertising campaigns are turning out to be more predominant, as digital platforms are progressively fused into promoting plans and as individuals use advanced gadgets as opposed to going to physical shops.

This course is outlined by practicing managers and subject experts. It aims at covering the essential marketing and advertising concepts, return to the fundamental statistical tools for analysis and expectation along with in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and analytical tools. The major digital marketing concepts covered in this course are email marketing, SEO/SEM, pay per click, affiliate marketing, digital display, mobile marketing, online video and social media analytics.

As the digital marketing scene keeps on developing at a quick pace, advertisers are confronted with new difficulties and opportunities inside this digital age.

The Digital Marketing Course is an activity intended to teach students in the zone of Digital Marketing.

Students that plan to attempt the Google Online Marketing Challenge are urged to finish the Digital Marketing Course, as the abilities learned in this course will shape your promoting objectives and procedure for the Google Online Marketing Challenge.

Prior to the course we suggest that you finish the pre-course arrangement.

While undertaking the course we urge you to survey the supplemental material gave in the ‘Course Packs’ segment. This supplementary material is discretionary and is for introductory, intermediate and advanced students.

The Google AdWords Certification is an all around perceived blessing which showcases your insight into the most recent AdWords tools and best practices and also your capacity to successfully oversee AdWords campaigns.

After finishing the Digital Marketing Course and the Google Online Marketing Challenge, we prescribe to embrace certification exams.




Online business is booming like anything. Every company is now getting online to generate online business. Directly or indirectly, they need SEO expert. we bring you the SEM certification course that provides with SEO training, which every business is looking for and which is very important part of online marketing activities. Our Course is explained and demonstrated with examples from SEO professionals that will help you become an effective SEO expert.


This course begin with the introduction to SEO, which comprises of use of Search Engine Optimization, generate traffic to your page, need of Search Engine Optimization, site design & development, internet and protocols, SEO factors, websites and servers, essentials of good website designing, major search engines and directories, page rank and search engine algorithms.

Going further you will learn about On Page Optimization that would include topics like Hyper link optimization, Keyword research and analysis, Header Tag Optimization, Landing Pages Optimization, Competition analysis, URL Rewriting, RSS Feed Creation, Google webmaster tool and many others.

The course also covers Off Page Optimization like One Way, Two Way and Three Way link building. You even get to learn about SEO Tools like Google keyword tool, page rank checker, keywords position checker, domain age tools and keywords density checker. In addition the course also covers SEO Reporting areas as Google analytics, SEO report creation, tracking and reporting and securing ranks.


It aims in helping you understand the concepts and methodologies is SEO optimization, by covering major topics and scenarios.

Pay Per Click



.NET training institutes, offers you a complete PAY PER CLICK training course that will help you gain maximum from your advertising or marketing campaign. Pay-per-click (or PPC for short) is a type of online advertising where you only pay when somebody clicks on your advertisement. Together with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it’s one of the major methods affiliates can use to get traffic to their websites.

A well constructed and managed PPC advertising campaign can dramatically increase an organizations return on investment. Our Pay Per Click training takes the complex aspects of a successful PPC campaign and breaks them down into easy to understand techniques that can be applied to your own PPC campaign.


The course starts with an introduction to pay per click advertising including what is pay per click advertising?, what does a pay per click ad look like?, the origins of pay per click marketing, the advantages of pay per click advertising, list of major pay per click search engines and other pay-per-click providers. Following it you would learn about Pay Per Click Campaign Preparation like success using pay per click search engines, before you start, requirements gathering, pay for performance search engine models, Bing ads, Google AdWords and Google AdSense.

Further, you learn about Ad Copy Creation for PPC Campaigns, Landing Page Creation for PPC Campaigns PPC Campaign Conversion & ROI Measurement. On an advanced level the course would cover Regional and Niche Market Targeting, Building Effective PPC Ads, Successful PPC Bidding Strategies, How to Create Killer Landing Pages, Click Fraud & Anti-Competitive Practices and Monitoring and Tweaking Your Campaigns


It aims in helping you effectively use all the features of your Google AdWords account, treamline and tweak your target keyword list, continuously monitor your ROI (Return on Investment) and tweak your ad campaign to increase it.




In today’s techno-savvy environment it is necessary for businesses to avail Social Media Optimization services to fuel their online presence to a great extent and also interact with their target audience likewise. Net Tech India’s complete Social Media Optimization course helps you build your business effective online presence. The use of social networking tools has grown over the last few years to the extent that will investigate Return on Investment (ROI) of marketing. Social Media Optimization refers to the activities on the social media pages with an intention of attracting unique and large number of visitors to your website. It would also help you uphold your business online reputation.

This course offers tailored social media training, consulting and services for all types of companies across all industries, with a focus on developing custom social media strategy it help you increase the likability of our clients, making bookmarking and tagging easier, helping your content to travel, connect our client websites with communities, create easily-shared content or proactively share the content.


The course starts with Social media round up with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIN, YouTube and Stumble Upon, Foursquare. Then, it covers topics related to the listen phase like Where are the conversations?, Who are the influencers?, and What are they talking about?. Going further you learn about respond phase that helps you understand how to organize for responds, build presence on social media sites and engage in conversation. Finally, you would learn about drive phase comprising of run campaigns, benchmark and measure and integrate with your digital marketing.


The goals of this certification are to make sure you understand how to find and engage social networks online, know the do’s and don’ts of blogger outreach get business understanding of Facebook and Twitter and when to use them.

Google Analytics


.NET training institutes, offers the Google Analytics course that is targeted toward web designers, web analysts, online marketers, and general business people. Software testing course that will help you achieve a competent level of testing and quality assurance. Google Analytics helps in measuring how your site visitors interact with you is essential to optimizing your online activities. With the Google Analytics course, you will discover the world of web analytics, what it is, why you should use it and how to get maximum benefit for your business.

Google Analytics gives you access to an abundance of data. You can see where your visitors are coming from, what content is popular and are your goals being converted. This course provides appropriate teaching methods and produce courseware for accreditation.


The course opens with Overview and Background of Web Analytics, Basics of Google Analytics, Google Analytics Code Snippets, Access Management, etc. It also covers topics like Metrics and Dimensions in Google Analytics, Overview of Report Structure, Understanding the Dashboard and Customizing the Dashboard. You also learn about Understanding Filters in Google Analytics, Goals in Google Analytics, and Funnels in Google Analytics.

This course will also help you understand how to track online marketing campaigns through Google Analytics


The goals of this certification are to make sure you’re monitoring the right metrics for you with our Advanced Google Analytics training course. We’ll show you how to use the more technical features of Analytics so you can get the most of this powerful tool.



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