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CSCU - Certified Secure Computer User


The program gives security awareness to the basic computer user and helps them in securely connecting to another system over a network. The course helps them to leverage on their basic system knowledge and get a deeper understanding on using computing resources by educating them on practicality of security and networking. This certification empowers you with the practical knowledge required to compute securely, network efficiently and be in control of the computing environment on your own.

The CSCU program is primarily for those individuals who use computer and internet at home, office, or school. The program involves the students into an interactive environment where they get a basic understanding of various computer and network security threats such as virus and backdoors, identity theft, online banking phishing scams, credit card fraud, online sex-offenders, e-mail hoaxes, loss of confidential information, social engineering, hacking attacks etc.


  • Social Engineering
  • Identity Theft
  • Physical Security
  • Online Transactions Security
  • Digital Signature & Certificates
  • Credit Card Frauds
  • Monitoring Kids Online
  • Compliance
  • E-mail Security
  • Safe Browsing
  • Data Protection
  • Encryption
  • Wireless & Home Network Security
  • Bluetooth Security
  • Smartphone Security
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Windows OS& Mac OSX Security


Anyone above 18 years can apply for the course. Those who use the internet extensively for work, study and play and want to gain a working knowledge of computer and network security can opt for our course.

Duration: 1month