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Diploma in 3D Studio MAX, 3D Animation

Software Covered:- 3D Studio Max.


Mechanical 3D Modeling & Rendering.
Architectural drawings & layouts of all kinds.
Interior design and facility planning.
Line drawings for the fine arts.

Create 3D Models and Render them into Images or Movie Clips.
With Autodesk 3D Studio Max, you can create High resolution True-colour Image files for Corporate Presentations, Broadcast Graphics, Interior designing, Walk-through Views, Design & Development.
Enhance the look of your interiors with special effects.
Give a Realistic look to your interiors & your Architectural Designs.
3D STUDIO MAX Course Contents :
Orthographic and Perspective view
Toolbar & Menu bar
Working with Primitive Objects
Spline Shapes
Drawing in 2D : Spline Primitive, Creating Patches, Grids, Sub Objects, Editing

Curves & Surfaces

Meshes :
Editable Mesh Object, Vertices & Edges
Loft Objects
Compound Objects
Exploring the Material Editor
Working with the Material Editor
Using Material Maps

Viewing a scene from a light
Altering Light Parameters, Special Effects Volume lights, Projector Maps & Ray traced Shadows

Cameras :
Creating Camera Object & a Camera View
Camera Viewport Controls & Setting Camera Parameters
Particle Systems
Using Space Warps

Animation Basics :
Using the animate button
Working with keys, Controlling time
Using the Motion Command Panel, Animating Objects
Working with the Track View
Working with Curves & Tangents
Filtering Tracks, Working with Controllers
Synchronising to a Sound Track
Environments & defining the Rendered Environment
Setting Rendering Parameters ..etc.
Camera Walk through

Duration : 3-4Months

Fast Track Batches also Available