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Software Covered:- Illustrator

Course Highlights

Illustrator is a vector graphics creation software for print media and web, allowing the user to produce World Class Illustrations with 16.7 million colors.
Creative tools for Print Media Output.
Sophisticated Web Graphic Tools.
Special Effects to Images.
Versatile Transparency Capabilities Dynamic Media Projects Vector vs. Raster Demo, Artboard Demo, Menu Window Basics Demo, Tools Palette, Pen Tool Techniques, Magic Wand Tool, Rotate & Reflect Tool, Twist Tool, Liquefy, Free Transform/Creative Tools, Graphs, Layers & Appearance, Styles Palette, Filter Effects, Transparency, Isolating Blending Modes, Opacity Masks, Swatches, Custom Swatch Libraries, Photo Cross Hatch, Roughen/Scribble,Transform,Twist, Zigzag,Pathfinder,Rasterize, Blocks & Wraps, Manipulating Containers, Slice Tool, Exporting to .psd, Flattening, Separation Setup…etc.

Duration: 1Months