Manual Testing Manual Testing

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Testing Why is testing necessary What is testing Economics of Testing Black Box Testing White Box Testing Software Testing Principles Fundamental Test Process.

Chapter 2: Testing throughout the software life cycle Software Development models V – Model Iterative Life Cycles Test Levels Component Testing Integration Testing System Testing Acceptance Testing Maintenance testing

Chapter 3: Static Techniques Reviews and the test process Review Process Inspections and Walkthroughs Code Inspection

Chapter 4: Test Design Techniques Identifying test conditions and designing test cases Categories of test design techniques Specification-based or black-box techniques Boundary Value Analysis Decision Table Testing Equivalence Prtitioning State Transition Testing Use Case Testing Structure-based or white-box techniques Code Coverage Decision Coverage Statement Coverage Structural Testing Experience-based techniques Error Guessing Exploratory Testing Choosing a test technique

Chapter 5: Test Management Test Organization Test Plans, Estimates, and strategies Test progress monitoring and control Configuration Management Risk and Testing Incident Management

Chapter 6: Other Testing Types Function Testing Volume Testing Stress Testing Usability Testing Security Testing Performance Testing Configuration Testing Reliability Testing Recovery Testing

Chapter 7: Introducing Quality Center The Quality Center Testing Process Starting Quality Center The Quality Center Window

Chapter 8: Specifying Releases and Cycles Defining Releases and Cycles Viewing Releases and Cycles

Chapter 9: Specifying Requirements Defining Requirements Viewing Requirements Modifying Requirements Converting Requirements

Chapter 10: Planning Tests Developing a Test Plan Tree Designing Test Steps Copying Test Steps Calling Tests with Parameters Creating and Viewing Requirements Coverage

Chapter 11: Running Tests Defining Test Sets Adding Tests to a Test Set Scheduling Test Runs Running Tests Manually Viewing and Analyzing Test Results Chapter 12: Adding and Tracking Defects How to Track Defects Adding New Defects Matching Defects Updating Defects Linking Defects to Tests Creating Favorite Views