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Cisco has launched a new course for Cisco Video Conferencing or Cisco Video telecastingwhich is called as Cisco CCNA Video. We are the 1st institute in Mumbai who started this course. We are best training solution providing to our students or working professionals.

A person who has acquired this Cisco knowledge and certification is able to deploy Cisco video end points, set up new users and operate networked video solutions.

The skills that a person can learn from this training are CCNA video equivalencyCCNA video data sheet and CCNA video O & A session. The person with this certification is known as Cisco Video Network Specialist. The duration of the Exam is 90 minutes in which 60 to 70 questions are given. This training makes a candidate knowledgeable about the networked Cisco video environment such as Cisco telepresence Cisco video conferencing and Cisco mobile video applications.

There are two trainings for this examination and certification

Implementation of Cisco video network device part 1 (VIVND1) V1.0

In the first part of this examination as mentioned above 2 modules are there which are as follows

Module 1: Cisco Video Conferencing and Streaming Fundamentals

In this, the students are introduced to video and video applications, Cisco video technology basics, Cisco video protocols and media, functional components of Video infrastructures, network requirements of Video solutions and Cisco Video solution Architecture Overview

Module 2: Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Environmental Requirements and Installation

In the second part of these students get lesson about Environmental requirements for Video installations and installing Cisco Telepresence Endpoints and Profile systems.

Implementation of Cisco video network device part 2 (VIVND2) V1.0

Module 1: Cisco Business Video Solutions

Here students are taught about describing Cisco video collaboration, description about Cisco video and content delivery – lab 1-1: Discovering the endpoint Access Network is also given and description about Cisco video surveillance and discovering Central video endpoint control elements is given.

Module 2: Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration Video Endpoints

In this module student are taught about the description of characteristics and installation, configuring Cisco unified communications and Cisco Collaboration Video Endpoints Lesson 3 and Lab 2-2: Operating and Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Video Endpoints

Module 3: Cisco Telepresence Endpoints

In this module students are taught about description of Cisco Telepresence Endpoint Characteristics and Installation. They are also taught configuring and implementing of Cisco Telepresence CTS software Based endpoints and Lab 3-2: Configuring Cisco Telepresence TC and TE Software-Based Endpoints Lesson 4 and Lab 3-3: Operating and Troubleshooting Cisco Telepresence Endpoints

Module 4: Cisco Multipoint Conferencing

Here students are taught about description of Cisco Multipoint Conferencing – Quiz 4-1: Cisco Multipoint Quiz (instructor asks students interactive questions to recapitulate Cisco multipoint video collaboration)

Apart from that students are also taught about: Configuring and Monitoring Cisco Multipoint Conferencing – Instructor Demonstration 4-1: Instructor demonstrates Cisco TMS, including scheduling, monitoring, trouble tickets, reports, phonebooks, user, endpoint management, and conference control – Lab 4-1: Implementing Multipoint Calls on Cisco Collaboration Endpoints Students can refer to the following curriculum to prepare for exam

The examination syllabus consists of the following:

Video concepts 2 (3 questions)

End point configuration (3 questions)

Trouble shooting support (3 questions)

Conferencing concepts (3 questions)