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Installing & Config windows server

Installing Servers
Configuring Servers
Configuring Local Storage
Configuring File and Share Access
Configuring Print and Document Services
Configuring Servers for Remote Management
Creating and Configuring Virtual Machine Settings
Creating and Configuring Virtual Machine Storage
Creating and Configuring Virtual Networks
Configuring IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing
Deploying and Configuring the DHCP Service
Deploying and Configuring the DNS Service
Installing Domain Controllers
Creating and Managing Active Directory Users and Computers
Creating and Managing Active Directory Groups and Organizational Units
Creating Group Policy Objects
Configuring Security Policies
Configuring Application Restriction Policies

Administering windows Server

Deploying and Managing Server Images
Implementing Patch Management
Monitoring Server
Configuring Distributed File System (DFS)
Configuring File Server Resource Manager (FSRM)
Configuring File Services and Disk Encryption
Configuring Advanced Audit Policies
Configuring DNS Zones
Configuring DNS Records
Configuring VPN and Routing
Configuring Direct Access
Configuring a Network Policy Server
Configuring NPS Policies
Configuring Network Access Protection (NAP)
Configuring Server Authentication
Configuring Domain Controllers
Maintaining Active Directory
Configuring Account Policies
Configuring Group Policy Processing
Configuring Group Policy Settings
Managing Group Policy Objects

Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Service

Configuring Network Load Balancing
Configuring Failover Clustering
Managing Failover Clustering
Managing Virtual Machine Movement
Configuring Advanced File Services
Implementing Dynamic Access Control
Configuring and Optimizing Storage
Configuring and Managing Backups
Recovering Server
Configuring Site Level Fault Tolerance
Implementing an Advanced Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Solution
Implementing an Advanced DNS Solution
Deploying and Managing IPAM
Configuring a Domain and Forest
Configuring Trusts
Configuring Sites
Managing Active Directory and SYSVOL Replication
Implementing Active Directory Federation Services
Installing and Configuring Active Directory Certificate Services
Managing Certificates
Installing and Configuring Active Directory Rights Management Services