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Java is a broadly useful, high-level programming language created by Sun Microsystems. A little group of engineers, known as the Green Team, initiated the language in 1991. Java was initially called OAK, and was intended for handheld gadgets and set-top boxes. Oak was unsuccessful, so in 1995 Sun changed the name to Java and adjusted the language to exploit the expanding World Wide Web.

Later, in 2009, Oracle Corporation obtained Sun Microsystems and took responsibility for key Sun programming resources: Java and Solaris.

Today Java is a usually utilized establishment for creating and conveying content on the Web. As per Oracle, there are more than 9 million Java developers worldwide and more than 3 billion cellular phones run on Java.

In 2014 a standout amongst the most critical changes to the Java language was dispatched with Java SE 8. Changes incorporated extra useful programming highlights, parallel processing utilizing streams and enhanced integration with JavaScript. The twentieth commemoration of business Java was praised in 2015.

This language has various components that make the language appropriate for use on the World Wide Web. Little Java applications are called Java applets and can be downloaded from a Web server and keep running on your PC by a Java-compatible browser. Applications and websites utilizing Java won’t work unless Java is introduced on your gadget. When you download Java, the product contains the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) which is expected to keep running in a Web browser. A part of the JRE, the Java Plug-in programming permits Java applets to keep running inside different browsers.

The official Java site gives connections to uninhibitedly download the most recent adaptation of Java. You can utilize the Java website to take in more about downloading Java, verify Java is introduced on your PC, expel more established versions, troubleshoot Java or report an issue. Subsequent to introducing Java, you should restart your Web browser.



OCAJP is designed for professionals who already possess a strong base in Java Programming and are willing to upgrade it as per the new horizon that has arrived in the fraternity. It is mainly focused around the core objective of designing Java applications using Application Programming interfaces.

OCAJP certification is offered in a couple of different Java technologies namely, Java Standard Edition 6 and Java Standard Edition 5 or Java SE 6 and Java SE 5. This certification course will give those ITes an edge over the others, proving their worth in this highly competitive ground of Technologic Advancement.

OCAJP certification examination is conducted mainly in two of the ways, Regular or the Upgrade. Mentioned below are the details of same:

Regular: A fully Java SE 7 Programmer candidate is needed to complete Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) (1Z0-803). Java SE 7 Programmer (OCAJP 7) certification (Java SE 7 Programmer I Exam) is a pre-requirement for the next level examination. After completing Java SE 7 Programmer II (1Z0-804) exam he can obtain Oracle Certified Professional, and Java SE 7 Programmer (OCPJP 7) certification after OCAJP 7.

Upgrade: The second option is for those who hold any previous version of OCPJP or SCJP. They can upgrade it to OCP, Java SE 7 Programmer by attending Upgrade to Java SE 7 Programmer (1Z0-804) exam.

Overall, this certification course strongly demands candidates who are well versed in creating programs on any of the given language. And they shall also have completed the Java Programming Language Course (Core Java) as well as the Advanced Java Programming (Java: Advanced)

Exam: 1Z0-851



Oracle Certified Expert Java Web Component Developer (OCEJWCD) certification is for those professional who possess hands on experience in developing applications using Java Technology. Candidates appearing for the certification must be well suited and skilled in developing applications relating to Java EE 6 using JSP and Servlets technologies. In addition as posing the OCPJP 5 or OCPJP 6 pre-requisite, candidates with Sun Certified Java Programmer (any edition) can also appear. The applicants must be familiar with the trending methods of analyzing, designing, developing and engaging web applications with Java Technologies. Furthermore, they shall have worked on construction and deployments of small as well as medium sized web application that are tend to be lugged in intranet and low-volume commercial sites.

Overall, the OCEJWCD certification enhances one’s knowledge that is needed to develop Java EE 6 Enterprise applications using JSP and Servlet, giving him an edge over others. Personnel also can see his improvements in tempts like Java EE 6 like web fragments, asynchronous servlet, annotations to create servlet or filter, etc. after getting certified in the said course.

Exam: 1Z0-899



Oracle Certified Professional, Java Business Component Developer (OCPJBCD) is for those who are already certified as Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)technology business component developers, and are being responsible for designing, developing, testing, deploying and integrating EJB applications. This certification will enhance their skill and would pose them with edgy tactic that would challenge their colleagues they are working with.

Candidates willing to be an Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Business Component Developer must complete at least one exam. And prior to attempting it, as a pre-requisite, he should possess the certification of Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer (SE 5 or SE 6), or a Sun Certified Programmer (SCJP), any edition.

OCPJBCD lends a complete coverage of Enterprise Java Bean architecture. Hence, for passing this exam, applicants must be crystal clear with the core of Java Beans development, because it will help them in learning the EJB 3.0 fundamentals more comfortably.

Following are the topics that the Oracle Certified Professional, Java Business Component Developer (OCPJBCD) certification covers:

Mostly, the Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Business Component Developer certification is conducive for those developers, who develop business applications using server side components on the Java 2, enterprise edition platform.

Exam: 1Z0-860



Oracle Certified Professional Java Web Services Developer (OCPJWSD) certification is for the developer who is been there in the field of creating web services applications using Java technology components, which mostly are supported by the Glassfish Metro web service stack and the Java Enterprise Edition 5 platform. Oracle Certified Professional Java Web Services Developer (OCPJWSD) further polishes the ability of candidate to design, create, implement, and deploy web services and web service clients by using Java technology components and the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 SDK (Java EE 6 SDK). The roles of certified individuals requires him to personify and fabricate web services as per the actualization of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA); and are also needed to learn know-how of using the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) technology design patterns and best practices while designing web services.

Right now, as per to a survey, a number of IT companies are vying for Oracle Certified Professional Java Web Services Developer (OCPJWSD). This certification replicates the candidate in delivering outputs that are required as per the business standards by sticking strictly to the professionalism of IT norms. Overall, Oracle Certified Professional Java Web Services Developer (OCPJWSD) certification inclines the image of candidate as a professional in the eyes of organization. This also helps him to get his desired job opportunity in the industry, and being paid slightly higher than the conventional professionals.

Exam: 1Z0-864