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Oracle Solaris 11

Oracle Solaris 11 system Administration


In this course you will be trained to administer the Oracle Solaris 11, which include installation, configuration and troubleshooting at level one and two support. This course takes you from the novice level to professional Solaris 11 system administrator. Our lab is fully equipped with sun servers, to gives you hands on experience to deal with system administration issues, which happens in day to day life.

The following modules are covered :

1. Solaris 11 Installation
2. Introducing the concept of IPS and its operation
3. Software package installation
4. Understand the concept of SMF services
5.Booting process to trouble shoot the system
6. ZFS: creating, administering and managing
7. Solaris ZONES: creating, administering and managing
8. Networking Solaris 11: creating, administering and managing
9. User administration
10. Accessing remote server by using SSH
11. Managing system process
12.Scheduling the process for auto-tasking
13. Administering system logs and crash dumps.

Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced system Administration


Through this course you will be trained to handle the Solaris 11 advance system administration functions. The participant will learn Automated Installation of the OS in data center environment and becomes well versed with IPS management in enterprise environment, who are ready to go for CLOUD BASED technology , and various tools required to trouble shoot the system.

1. Implementing IPS and multi-boot environment
2.Auto-installtion on multi-host environment
3.Application of Advance features of ZFS , for business data requirement
4.Advnaced networking features in Solaris 11 such as IPMP, Link Aggregation etc
5.Integrating Solaris 11 networking features in ZONEs
6.RBAC configuration and trouble shooting
7.Resource Management in Solaris 11

OSolaris 10 ZFS Administration


In this course we offer hands on experience on working with ZFS , which certainly becoming the most popular file system in data center technology system The participants are provided with storages to learn and implement various features of ZFS , will be provided various lab scenarios for better understanding.

Course outline:

1. Introduction to ZFS
2. Creating and managing storage pools
3. Managing ZFS file systems
4. ZFS snapshots and clones
5. Migrating UFS to ZFS
6. Booting through ZFS
7.Trouble shooting
8.Advnace features of ZFS such as integrating with ZONES

Oracle VM Server Administration


In this course we will deliver the concepts of virtualization in Solaris 11 environment , and explain the process of creating virtual machines hands on and administer the same.

Course outline:

1.Introducion to oracle Solaris virtualization
2.Installing LDOM software
3.configuring various domains
4.Manging and administering different domains in VM server
5.Migration of local domains

Software Testing

International Software Testing Qualification Board

Certified Software Test Engineer

Certified Associate in Software Testing

Certified Manager of Software Testing