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Adobe After Effects Training in Bangalore

Cambridge InfoTech provides the Best Adobe After Effects Training Course from our expert Trainers in Kammanahalli Bangalore, India, and Tumkur. Adobe After Effects CS6 provides medium-enhanced visualizations and movement models faster than any time in current thought as with the modern world Performance Cache.

Adobe After Effects requires a training program, aspirants can learn to increase their strength with the built-in text and design extrusion, new mask rotary motion options, and also the quick, easy-to-use 3D Camera hunter.

Best Adobe After Effects Training in Bangalore

The Adobe After Effects course in Bangalore Intermediate and Adobe After Effects – High-level Training Course is meant for videographers, graphic artists, and animators with basic level Adobe After Effects Expertise. In Cambridge InfoTech, Aspirants can learn the way to merge text, graphics, and effects on the films. Simultaneous achievement of the After Effects Program, they’ll gain an exceptional understanding of the menu and tools in After Effects and be ready to complete work with a high level of control

Adobe After Effects training in Bangalore Kammanahalli , India | after effects course in Bangalore
Adobe After Effects training in Bangalore Kammanahalli, India
After Effects Course in Bangalore

adobe after effects course Syllabus

  • RGB Color Model
  • Frame Size of Adobe
  • Resolution
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio
  • Alpha Channels
  • Frame Rate
  • Time Code
  • Interpreting Footage
  • After Effects
  • Project Panel
  • Timeline Panel of Adobe
  • Monitor Panel
  • Info Panel
  • Other Panels
  • Customizing the Workspace
  • Importing Video Clips, Stills, Sequence of Stills (Interpreting), Multilayered Photoshop, and Illustrator Files of Adobe
  • Creating a Composition and Arranging Layers
  • Changing Parameters Globally
  • Previewing Your Work
  • Using Animation Presets
  • Position and Anchor Point 
  • Animating Position in Adobe
  • Using the Keyframe Navigators (J and K)
  • Animating Scale, Rotation, and Opacity
  • Keyframe Interpolation
  • Temporal and Spatial Interpolation
  • Auto, Continuous, and Bezier Interpolation
  • Roving in Time
  • Creating a Mask with the Pen Tool of Adobe
  • Editing a Mask
  • Feathering the Edges of a Mask
  • Replacing the Content of the Mask
  • Mask Interpolation
  • Mask for Position Keyframes
  • Using Masks from Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Masks for Position Keyframes
  • Animating a Stroke
  • Using Paths from Illustrator
  • Animating a Signature
  • Text Layers
  • Point Text vs. Text Box
  • Creating and Formatting Text
  • Using a Text Animation Preset
  • Text on a Path
  • Adding Animators
  • Using the Range Selector
  • Adding a Property
  • Adding a Range Selector
  • Using the Wiggly Selector
  • Animating Imported Photoshop Text
  • Creating Custom Shapes
  • Creating Stars
  • Properties of Shape Layers
  • Adding Effects
  • Using the Puppet Pin Tool
  • Animating the Pins
  • Puppet Starch Tool
  • Puppet Overlap Tool
  • Time Remapping
  • Motion Sketch
  • Smoother
  • Wiggler
  • Auto Orient
  • Splitting a Layer
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Presets Panel
  • Render Queue
  • Creating Templates for the Rendering Process
  • Creating Templates for Output Modules
  • Exporting to Different Output Media
  • Basics of Parenting
  • Simple Pickwhipping
  • Parenting to a Null
  • Using Parenting for Positioning
  • Using Parenting in Special Effects
  • Basic Compounds
  • Gradient Wipe
  • Displacement Map
  • Creating Water
  • Introduction to Expressions
  • Simple Pickwhipping
  • Using Expressions to Animate to the Rhythm of Music
  • Adjusting the Expression Direction and the Expression Parameters
  • Adjusting the Rate of Change and the Final Value
  • Creating a Loop using Expressions
  • The Wiggle Expression
  • Basics of Tracking
  • Using the Tracker of Adobe
  • Stabilizing Your Video
  • Tracking and Object
  • Tips for Better Tracking
  • Difficult Tracking
  • Basics of Keying
  • Shooting Techniques for Easier Keying
  • Using Garbage Mattes for Easier Keying
  • Using Keylight of Adobe
  • Refining the Matte
  • Using the Roto Brush Tool in Adobe
  • About Rotoscoping
  • Creating a Segmentation Boundary
  • Fine-Tuning the Matte
  • Creating a Transition from the Full Clip to the Foreground
  • Layer Blending Modes and How to Change Them using Shortcuts in Adobe
  • Using Track Mattes
  • Precomposing and Nesting
  • Adjusting Color Balance using Adobe
  • Replacing the Background
  • Removing Unwanted Elements
  • Correcting a Range of Colors
  • Warming Colors with the Photo Filter 
  • About Particles in Adobe
  • Particle Playground
  • Particle World
  • Foam
  • Radio Waves
  • Using Particles for Compound Control Layers
  • Adding Lights using Adobe
  • Animating Lights
  • Working with Shadows and with a Null Object
  • Working with Text in 3D
  • Nesting a 3D Composition
  • Creating a Composite in 3D
  • Adding a Camera
  • Animating the Camera
  • Auto Orient
  • Using Vanishing Point in Adobe
  • Using 3D Objects
  • Editing Stills for 3D
  • Adding Dimension to Stills
  • Stroke
  • Scribble
  • Write-On
  • Paint
  • Commonly Used Effects in Adobe
  • Q and A
  • Assignment
  • Final Assessment
  • Interview Preparation
  • Resume Support
  • Project

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