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Android App Development Training course in Bangalore

Cambridge InfoTech offers the android App Development training course in Bangalore Kammanahalli. Android App developer and studio tutorial in Tumkur. Provides the foremost effective automation coaching in the city with the foremost seasoned professionals. Our Instructors operative in automation and connected technologies for additional years in MNC’s. we’ve got a bent to awake to business needs which we tend to square measure providing automation coaching in Bangalore in an extremely extra wise methodology. Our team of automation trainers offers classroom coaching, automation-line coaching, and automation-company coaching services. we’ve got a bent to border our program to suit the vital world wants for every beginner level to a complicated level. Our Android App Development Training is handled in either weekday or weekend programs depending on the participant’s demand.

Best Android App Development Training in Bangalore, kalyan nagar.

We do offer Fast-Track automation coaching in Bangalore and matched automation coaching in Bangalore. Here are the foremost topics we’ve got an inclination to cowl below this automation course program Basics of automation, automation components, UI Widgets, Intents, automation Menu, Layout Manager, Adapter, View, Advance automation which contains Fragment, automation Service, info Storage, SQLite, JSON & XML, Content provider, automation Notification, Multimedia, Speech API, telecommunication API, Social API Integrations, base Integration, Material vogue Basic concepts. every topic is lined in associate passing mainly smart technique with examples.

Android App Development Training in Bangalore

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Android App Development Training in Bangalore Kalyan Nagar India| coding android

Cambridge InfoTech settled in varied places in Bangalore. we’ve got an inclination to the foremost effective coaching Institute that gives certification homeward automation coaching in urban centers. Our participants are eligible to clear all sorts of interviews at the highest of our sessions. we’ve got an inclination to Bangalore a team of automation trainers and participants future facilitate and facilitate inside the topic. Our coaching is targeted at aiding in placements likewise. We’ve separate HR team professionals who will watch out for all of your interview wishes. Our automation coaching in Bangalore Course Fees is improbably moderate compared to others. we’ve got an inclination to the only real automation coaching institute World Health Organization can share video reviews of all our students. we’ve got an inclination to mention the course timings and start date likewise in below.

Android App Development Coaching in Bangalore is one of the foremost aggressive technology in recent times. Automation has un pleated to every the world because it’s run there in all styles of smartphones and is additionally full of life part of everybody’s lives. Most businesses, immaterial of the business, got to use this technology to promote their merchandise and services exploitation of new applications.

This opens the paves methodology for the increase in demand for mobile developers World Health Organization has experience in automation. this might continue inside the approaching back years too.

Android Development Course in Bangalore

Their several enthusiasts World Health Organization get into Android App Development programming for the love of challenge that’s involved throughout this field. If you think that this is often your scope of interest associated think to becoming aspiring automation proficient, get yourself trained in automation at the earliest. There are many places where you’ll get your automation Course coaching in Bangalore. Nothing can match the tactic Cambridge InfoTech trains you. What are you waiting for? Recruit Now!

What is Android App Development?

Android App development course could also be a mobile that’s developed by Google. usually often an associated OS that’s primarily designed for mobile devices with touchscreen and depends on Linux Kernel. This technology contains a painter who faces his primarily supported direct manipulation. It makes use of gestures that are nearly like real-world actions like sound, swiping, pinching, and figure around with on-screen objects. additionally, it jointly contains a virtual keyboard for text input.

This technology has not confined itself to easily mobile devices. Google for developers has gone one step ahead and developed automation televisions, automation motorcar, and automation wear. all of these devices contain a special interface. the alternative variants of automation devices service consoles, notebooks, photographic cameras, etc. There are multiple places from where you’ll get your automation Course coaching in Bangalore. Nothing can match the strategy of Cambridge InfoTech automation coaching in Bangalore. What are you waiting for? recruit Now!

Why Android App Development?

Android is seizing the mobile market quickly. On each day these days, we’ll see but a two-year-old child uses the portable play games to knowledgeable exploitation his mobile for a presentation. these days everything happens on the go, be it ordering food, booking tickets for travel, or reading the news, everything is accessible through your smartphone. this can increase the demand for automation Developers altogether told industries. you’ll be able to additionally become associate-automation skilled by enrolling in an exceeding smart automation work Institute in Bangalore.

Why Android App development Training in Cambridge InfoTech?

One of the leading effective automation coachings in Bangalore aspects of the automation is that it’s associate Open- provide. Immaterial of such a big quantity of pricey software’s that concerning there within the market, area unit you ready to believe you’ll do wonders with a computer code that’s freely out there. There are several apps that are created of automation and are employed worldwide making the lives of individuals simple. Be it ordering food online, reading reviews of merchandise, noticing how to a destination, or reading news, you’ve got automation apps for nearly everything. this is often one of the durable reasons that have motivated tons of children to want up associate automation Courses in Bangalore quite enthusiastically.

How we, at Cambridge InfoTech facilitate you?

We are in an associate era where every nook and edge of the world is full of automation OS. At Cambridge InfoTech, every aspiring automation skilled gets to travel through a gradual learning curve. This involves innovation, learning android to identify new opportunities, and developing new ideas that take the front seat within the growing automation business. If you too need to produce yourself competent enough to develop such promising automation apps, it’d be just to take automation coaching in Bangalore. the good news is just don’t would really like any special instructional qualification to be eligible for automation work categories. So, why waste time? be a vicinity of Cambridge InfoTech quickly.

  • support java applications
  • will run multiple apps at an equivalent time
  • support optimized graphics second graphics, 3D graphics, and VGA
  • enables you to amendment your settings quicker
  • keeps data visible on your home screen

Syllabus of Android app Development Course

  • What is Android 
  • History and Version 
  • Installing software 
  • Setup Android Studio 
  • Hello Android example 
  • Internal Details 
  • Dalvik VM 
  • Software Stack 
  • Core Building Blocks 
  • Emulator 
  • Manifest.xml 
  • file 
  • Hide Title Bar 
  • Screen Orientation Android studio tutorial, Android tutorial, android studio tutorial
  • Activity
  • Service
  • Broadcast Receiver
  • Content Providers
  • Toast 
  • Custom Toast 
  • Button 
  • Toggle Button 
  • Image Button 
  • CheckBox 
  • Alert Dialog 
  • Spinner 
  • AutoComplete Text View 
  • Rating Bar 
  • Date Picker 
  • Time Picker 
  • Progress Bar
  • Activity Life cycle 
  • Activity Example 
  • Implicit Intent 
  • Explicit Intent
  • Pending Intent
  • Sticky Intent
  • Option Menu 
  • Context Menu 
  • Popup Menu 
  • Relative Layout 
  • Linear Layout 
  • Frame Layout  (Fragments)
  • Grid Layout
  • Table Layout 
  • Array Adapter
  • Array List Adapter
  • Base Adapter
  • Grid View 
  • Web View 
  • Scroll View 
  • Search View 


  • What is Fragment
  • Fragment Life cycle
  • Creating a Fragment
  • Dialog Fragment
  • List Fragment
  • Adding a Fragment to Activity
  • Fragment Manger
  • Fragment Transaction
  • Adding Fragment without UI
  • Back stack implementations
  • Service 
  • Service API 
  • Started Service 
  • Bound Service 
  • UnBound Service 
  • Life Cycle 
  • Service Example 
  • Intent Service
  • Shared Preferences 
  • Internal Storage 
  • External Storage 
  • API 
  • Spinner 
  • List View 
  • JSON Parsing 
  • XML Parsing 
  • Content Provider Fundamental 
  • Contact Content Provider 
  • Other Built-in Content Providers 
  • Creating a Custom Content Provider 
  • Understanding Content URI 
  • Content Resolver 
  • Sharing Information from the custom content provider 
  • Notification API 
  • Creating Notification Builder 
  • Setting Notification Properties 
  • Attaching Actions 
  • Issuing Notification 
  • Notification Compat.Builder class 
  • Android Notification Examples 
  • Multimedia API 
  • Playing Audio 
  • Creating Audio Player 
  • Playing Video 
  • Alarm Manager 
  • Gallery 
  • Text To Speech API 
  • Text To Speech Example 
  • Managing speed and pitch 
  • Speech To Text 
  • Telephony Manager 
  • Get Call State 
  • Call State Broadcast Receiver 
  • Simple Caller Talker 
  • Making Phone Call 
  • Send SMS 
  • Send Email 
  • Location API Fundamental 
  • Example of Android Location API 
  • Working with Google Maps 
  • Android Map V2 API 
  • Adding Map 
  • Customizing Map 
  • Google Map class 
  • Android Google Map Application 
  • Threads running on the UI thread (run On Ui Thread)
  • Worker thread o Handlers & Runnable o AsynTask (in detail)
  • Examples
  • Animation API 
  • Draw able class 
  • Animation Example 
  • Rotate Animation 
  • Fade Animation 
  • Zoom Animation  Andro
  • Bluetooth Tutorial 
  • List Paired Devices 
  • Working with WiFi 
  • Working with Camera 
  • What is web service 
  • Soap Vs Restful web service 
  • Android Restful web service example with java servlet 
  • Storing data into external oracle database 
  • Verifying data in android with external oracle database 
  • Facebook Integration 
  • Google Plus Integration 
  • Twitter Integration 
  • Ad Mob Integration
  • YouTube Integration Android studio tutorial
  • AsynTask
  • Volley
  • Retrofit
  • okHttpClient
  • Image Loader
  • Picasso
  • Glide
  • What is Firebase in Android
  • Data Storage Using Firebase
  • Sending Push Notifications Using Firebase
  • Twitter Integration using Firebase
  • Snack Bar Implementation
  • Floating Labels
  • Floating Action Buttons
  • Card Views
  • Navigation Drawer Using Material Design
  • re-cycle view
  • Google Calendar
  • Collapsing Toolbar Layout
  • Coordinator Layout
  • Elegant Button
  • Assignment
  • Final Assessment
  • Interview Preparation
  • Resume Support
  • Project

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