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Autodesk Maya Training in Bangalore

Cambridge InfoTech proffers Autodesk Maya Training and Maya Animation course Software studies from qualified instructors in Bangalore, Kalyan Nagar. Autodesk Maya Animation course Master program at Cambridge InfoTech perhaps four moons educational application that can prepare pupils the basics of 3D growing up with and Maya Animation course Software. Trainees can get to find excuses for all the ideas from basics to advanced level.

This course claims in-class coaching, corroboratory training setting, industry-certified trainers, and up-to-date memoranda. Cambridge InfoTech presents each trainee with continuous coat and laptop workstations to expedite good lore expertise.

Who is going to be your Mentor?

Our trainers are senior skilled Maya Animation course designs and animation for diverse years. They’re performing to even be culpable for writing the program content that may be an aggregate of absolute diligence and their marketing expertise.

Semesters and Modules:

Autodesk Maya Training in Bangalore Kalyan nagar, India, Maya Animation course
Autodesk Maya Training in Bangalore Kalyan Nagar, India

Note: This course meets four months of advanced sketching and drawing coaching too for our students to literate them regarding style systems, style components (color, typeface, shapes, space, etc), animation policies, a figure rising up with, facial expressions with acting, etc.

Syllabus of Autodesk Maya Course

  • A Preview of the CG Process
  • The CG Production
  • Workflow Digital Images
  • Maya Animation Software
  • You Put the U in User Interface
  • Project: The Solar System
  • Creating a Project
  • The Production Process: Creating and Animating the Objects Hierarchy and Maya Object Structure
  • The Solar System, Resumed
  • Outputting Your Work: Playblasting
  • Navigating in Maya
  • Exploring the Maya Layout
  • Building a Decorative Box
  • Mapping the Box’s Reference Planes with
  • Hypershade Organizing Workflow with the Layer
  • Editor Modeling the Decorative Box
  • Editing the Decorative Box Model Using the Shelf
  • Continuing the Decorative Box Model
  • Finishing the Decorative Box Model
  • Planning Your Model
  • Polygon Basics
  • Poly Editing Tools
  • Putting the Tools to Use: Making a Cartoon
  • Hand Creating Areas of Detail on a Poly Mesh
  • Modeling a Catapult
  • NURBS for Organic Curves
  • Using NURBS Surfacing to Create
  • Polygons Converting a NURBS Model to
  • Polygons Using Artisan to Sculpt NURBS
  • Creating a Pair of Glass Candle Holders
  • Modeling with Simple Deformers
  • The Lattice Deformer
  • Animating Through a Lattice
  • Evaluating the Toy Plane
  • Building the Landing Pontoons
  • Oh, What a Body! Modeling the Body of the Plane
  • The Rear Stabilizers
  • You Spin Me Right Round—The Engine and
  • Propeller The Plane’s Wings
  • Assembling the Plane
  • Maya Shading
  • Shader Types
  • Shader Attributes
  • Shading and Texturing the Toy Plane
  • Textures and Surfaces
  • Textures and UVs for the Red Wagon
  • Photo-Real Mapping: The Decorative
  • Box Toon Shading
  • For Further Study
  • Key-frame Animation: Bouncing a Ball Throwing an Axe
  • Replacing an Object
  • Animating Flying Text
  • Animating the Catapult
  • Skeletons and Kinematics
  • Skeletons: The Hand
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Basic Relationships: Constraints
  • Basic Relationships: Set-Driven
  • Keys Rigging the Locomotive
  • Creating a Simple Character Rig
  • For Further Study
  • Basic Lighting Concepts
  • Maya Lights
  • Light Linking
  • Adding Shadows
  • Raytracing Soft Shadows
  • Mental ray Lighting
  • Mental ray Physical Sun and Sky
  • Lighting Effects
  • Assembling and Lighting a Scene
  • Further Lighting Practice
  • Tips for Using and Animating
  • Lights
  • Rendering Setup
  • Previewing Your Render: The Render
  • View Window
  • Setting the Default Renderer
  • Reflections and Refractions
  • Using Cameras
  • Motion Blur
  • Batch Rendering
  • Rendering the Wine Bottle
  • Mental ray for Maya
  • Render Layers
  • Final Gather
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • HDRI
  • Displacement Mapping the Decorative
  • Box Rendering the Scene with mental ray
  • An Overview of Maya Dynamics
  • Rigid Bodies
  • Rigid Body Dynamics: Shoot the
  • Catapult! particle Dynamics
  • Emitting particles
  • Animating a Particle Effect: Maya Animation Software
  • Locomotive Steam
  • Introduction to Paint Effects
  • Getting Started with nCloth
  • Customizing Maya
  • Understanding concept art for contours, texture, and shadow
  • detail Modeling modular elements
  • Creating the low-poly-count elements
  • Building assets for virtual reality
  • Creating efficient models
  • Exporting the right file formats for VR Understanding
  • Proficient with Windows or Mac operating system
  • A basic understanding of computer hardware and software is essential
  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is required
  • Assignment
  • Final Assessment
  • Interview Preparation
  • Resume Support
  • Project

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