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Automation Testing Course in Bangalore, Kammanahalli

Cambridge InfoTech offers the Best Automation Testing training certification course with 100% Placement Support from our experts in Bangalore Kammanahalli Tumkur, India. Our instructors have worked in MNCs for years, teaching Automation Testing Courses and associated technologies. We prefer to enlighten company requirements, and we provide Automation Testing Certification Training in Bangalore in a more practical method. Classroom training, online training, and company training are all available from trainers. From every beginner level to an advanced level, we have a tendency to increase our knowledge to fit the company requirements. Depending on the needs of the participants, our training will be conducted during the week or on weekends.

Best Automation Testing coaching in Bangalore

We Offer the Best Automation Testing training and Testing training in Bangalore, India. Here we square measure the main topics and we tend to cover and Understand basic to advanced scripting and programming techniques frequently used in taking a glance at Automation, relative DBMS Basics, information Fundamentals for taking a glance at Engineers, a summary of automation, a summary of automation architectures for various testing efforts (functional, performance, etc.). every topic is going to be covered in a very most practical method with samples.

Automation Testing training in Bangalore Kammanahalli and Tumkur, India
Automation Testing training in Bangalore Kammanahalli and Tumkur, India |Automation Testing Certification course Training in Bangalore, Tumkur

Cambridge InfoTech is located in various places in Bangalore and Tumkur, India. We tend to square measure the most efficient Training Institute offering Automation Testing Certification Training in Bangalore. Our participants are going to be qualified to clear all sorts of interviews at the tip of our sessions. We have a tendency to square measure creating a team of trainers and participants for his or her future guidance and help within the subject.

automation testing courses in bangalore

Automation Testing Training is going to be targeted on assisting in placements furthermore. We’ve got separate team professionals at Cambridge InfoTech who can pay attention to all of your interview wants. Our Automation Testing Training in Bangalore Course Fees is less compared to others. We tend to square measure the individual training institute Cambridge InfoTech will share video reviews of all our students.

Automation testing training Syllabus

  • Designing tests from requirements
  • Designing tests from scenarios
  • Requirement-based test design methods and techniques
  • Separation of data from scripts
  • Code-based test design
  • Automation considerations when designing tests
  • Selecting candidate tests to automate
  • Working with files
  • OCR
  • VBScript and Windows in the examples
  • Robust Execution
  • Object Validation
  • Action Validation
  • Recovery Design
  • Status Reporting
  • Maintenance Control
  • Regular Expressions for Dynamic Object Recognition
  • Dynamic Data Generation
  • Object Class Modification
  • Business Process Path Modification
  • SQL Basics – Select, Insert, Update, Delete
  • Using Aggregation to determine data health
  • Combining Data from Multiple Tables with Joins
  • Foreign Key Problems
  • Using Sub-queries
  • Generating Test Data
  • Views
  • Indices
  • Testing Scalable Architectures
  • Transaction Process Monitor (TPM)
  • Database Integrity
  • UML Database Model
  • Outer Join example for testing
  • Queries for Data Verification
  • Database Testing: Advanced Topics
  • Risk-Based Testing Analysis and Management
  • Testing Web and eCommerce Applications
  • Performance Testing for Web and Client/Server Applications
  • Performance Testing Fundamentals
  • Advanced Performance Testing & Tuning Techniques
  • Programming and Database Concepts for Testing and QA Professionals
  • Programming Concepts for Test and QA Professionals
  • XML and Web Services Testing
  • Application and Data Security Testing
  • A Survey of Test Automation Tools
  • The purpose of test automation
  • Different uses of technology to manage the testing effort (management, functional, performance, other types of testing, and with different SDLC approaches such as waterfall or iterative)
  • Comparison of the vendor landscape to support test automation
  • Selecting and acquiring test automation tools
  • Determining automation requirements
  • Defining goals and requirements including feasible uses of automation
  • Determining return on investment
  • Application compatibility
  • Vendor selection and evaluation
  • Understanding the potential for diverse vendors and solutions
  • Vendor tool evaluation techniques
  • Effective installation and maintenance approaches
  • Infrastructure considerations
  • Implementation approaches that support ongoing ease of use
  • Organizational considerations to support automation
  • A Survey of Test Automation Tools
  • Functional Testing tools
  • Through the interface
  • Under the interface
  • Web services
  • Non-Function Testing tools
  • Load
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Code Level tools
  • Structural Test Execution tools
  • Static Testing/Analysis tools
  • Test Automation Support Tools and Systems
  • Test Management Tools
  • Characteristic of a good test automation architecture
  • Description of test automation architectures
  • Design approaches for architectures
  • Functional
  • Performance
  • Other types
  • Design approaches to support the organizational model
  • Minimal automation resources
  • Various levels of experience
  • Unattended testing
  • Integrating multiple tools into the design
  • Scripting tools
  • Data query and validation tools
  • Assignment
  • Final Assessment
  • Interview
  • Preparation,
  • Resume Support, and Project

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