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Git and GitHub Training in Bangalore

Cambridge InfoTech offers Git and Github training courses and tutorials with certification from our professionals in Bangalore Kammanahalli and Tumkur. Our teacher area unit is operational in Git and GitHub and connected technologies for great deal of years in MNC’s. we tend to be aware of jazz desires which were unit giving Git and GitHub coaching in Bangalore throughout a lot of smart means that. Git and Scum bathtub trainers provide Git and GitHub in-classroom coaching, scum bag, and scum bathtub online coaching, and puke and GitHub company coaching services. we have a tendency to border our program to match the necessary world requirements for every beginner level to a complicated level. Our coaching is handled in either weekday or weekend programs depends on the participant’s demand.

Best Git and GitHub Training in Bangalore

We do provide Fast-Track scum bag and scum bathtub coaching in Bangalore and matched Git and GitHub coaching in Bangalore. Here area unit the main topics we tend to cowl below this Intro of Version management systems scum bag as VCS, scum bag as service Hub, setting setup for scum bag, Repository in scum bag, scum bag workflow, biological research a Repository, Git pull, scum bag adds and commit, Git push, Branching, Merging repositories, Tagging, Git log. Each topic is coated most much with examples.

Cambridge InfoTech is located in various places in the city. we tend to unit of measurement the foremost effective coaching Institute offers certification adjusted scum bag and GitHub coaching job in the city. Our participants are eligible to clear all kinds of interviews at the tip of our sessions. we have a tendency to a unit of measurement building a team of crumb and GitHub trainers and participants for his or her future facilitate and facilitate among the topic. Our coaching targets on serving to in placements furthermore. We’ve separate time unit team professionals UN agency will lookout for all of your interview needs. Our crumb and GitHub coaching in city Course Fees square measure extraordinarily moderate compared to others.

We tend to area unit the sole scum bag and GitHub coaching institute United Nations agency will share video reviews of all our students. We tend to mention the course timings and begin date furthermore as below. 

Git and Github training in Bangalore Kammanahalli, India , Git and Github course in bangalore
Git and Github training in Bangalore Kammanahalli, India

Syllabus of Git Hub Course

  • Git as VCS
  • Git as service Hub
  • Environment setup for Git Tutorial
  • Repository in Git and Github Course
  • Git Workflow
  • Cloning a Repository
  • Git pull and Git push
  • Git add and commit
  • Branching
  • Merging repositories
  • Tagging
  • Git log
  • Assignment
  • Final Assessment
  • Interview Preparation
  • Resume Support
  • Project

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