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Kubernetes Training in Bangalore

As several enterprises are adopting instrumentation Kubernetes tutorial technology, the quantity of containers that require to be deployed is large. Since maintaining and deploying these containers would need a large number of people and a lot of time, AWS docker Kubernetes comes into the image with instrumentation management.

Kubernetes is a Google-developed open-source instrumentation management system for modifying and managing containerized applications. It functions as a conveyable cloud platform that orchestrates computing and networking. It’s become a necessary element of DevOps groups since it helps them manage the containers simply.

kubernetes certification training in Bangalore, kubernetes certification training in bangalore
Best Kubernetes Training In Bangalore, India. Kubernetes certification course

Best Kubernetes Training in Bangalore

Cambridge Infotech Offers As per the recent survey conducted by Datadog, the usage of Kubernetes continues to grow in instrumentation environments globally that rose the enterprise adoption of Kubernetes. within the fast world, where industries proceed with the technological advancement pace, the employment of containers is growing fashionable. Hence, the demand for professionals who recognize the Kubernetes course in Bangalore is high since loads of your time and energy go into managing the containers.

What you will learn

  • k8s parts
    Get AN understanding of the key parts of k8s Cluster- Master, Nodes, and AddOns.
  • k8s design
  • Build a production-class instrumentation infrastructure with k8sdesign, parts & services.
    Deploy k8s
  • Gain the information to put instill as deploy k8son AWS and Google cloud platforms.
    Work With Pods and Deployments
  • Acquire the specified understanding of operating with pods, deployments, still as services.
  • Skills To Deploy k8sCluster
  • Get yourself equipped with the ability to deploy k8scluster and easy applications.
    study The variations
  • Learn about the variations between Virtualization and Containerization as well as slumber necessities.
docker and kubernetes training in bangalore, kubernetes certification cost in bangalore, kubernetes certification training in Bangalore
Best Kubernetes Training in Bangalore, India. kubernetes certification training in bangalore

Syllabus of Kubernetes Course

  • Possessing the subsequent skills will offer you a new advantage once you recruit for k8s
  • course, although you wish not to meet any prerequisites:
  • Docker necessities
  • Basic information concerning UNIX Administration
  • Basic information concerning Networking
  • Docker Essentials k8stutorial
  • Virtualization vs Containerization k8stutorial
  • Evolution of k8s
  • Why k8s?
  • Differences between Docker Swarm & k8s
  • k8sUse Cases
  • Case Study
  • Install Virtual Box, Install Docker / Docker-Client, Create a Docker Image using the YAML format

  • Creating 2 VM’s in Virtual Box
  • Download Ku best and mini Kube and install them
  • Start min Kube & deploy sample deployment and expose to and external network
  • List all the nodes of the clusters
  • Stopping and deleting the cluster
  • Working with Kubernetes Dashboard
  • Creating a Kubernetes Cluster in AWS and Google Cloud

Understand about Pods and how to deploy an app using Ku best commands

Sub Topics:

  • Introduction to Pods
  • Pods Lifecycle
  • Working with Pods to manage multiple containers
  • Deploying Pods via Replication Controllers
  • Case Study

Learn what is a Service, how to scale up and down the application replicas, provide updates to the application and autoscaling containers.

Sub Topics :

  • Overview of Services
  • Labels and Selectors
  • Scale-out deployment using Replicas
  • Horizontal Pod Autoscaling
  • Load Balancing
  • Rolling Updates
  • Case Study
  • Creating a Service
  • Using Service to expose App
  • Working with labels 
  • Scale-Up / Down the deployment to maximum and minimum replicas
  • Check the rollout status and rollback an update
  • Delete the services created

Learning Objectives:

You will learn to deploy both stateless applications and stateful applications.  You will also be able to scale the stateful sets and provide rolling updates.


  • Working with StatefulSet
  • Pod Management policies
  • OnDelete & Rolling Update Strategies
  • Cluster DNS
  • Persistent Volumes
  • Deploy Stateful and Stateless applications
  • Creating Persistent Volumes

CambridgeInfotech Comprehensive Kubernetes Course provides the Best Kubernetes certification training in Bangalore with guaranteed Certification & Placement support upon the course’s successful completion.

  •  Assignment Kubernetes tutorial
  •  Final Assessment Kubernetes tutorial
  •  Interview Preparation docker Kubernetes
  •  Resume Support docker Kubernetes
  •  Project

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