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Cyber Security Training in Bangalore

CambridgeInfotech marked itself because of the leading cyber Security Training in Bangalore. Our cyber security course in Bangalore and information security coaching consultants or network security trainers are highly skilled and experienced in delivering high-quality cyber security training and placement in Bangalore, as well as information security classroom and online coaching.

Cambridge InfoTech is taken into consideration as a pioneer at intervals in the sector of IT/Non-IT coaching in Bangalore. we have an inclination to square measure mainly focused on revolutionizing learning by making it attention-grabbing and motivating and provides a number of career-oriented courses for a variety of audiences, including students, job seekers, and company others.

Cyber Security Training in Bangalore, India. cyber security course in Bangalore
Cyber Security Training in Bangalore, India | cyber security training and placement in Bangalore

Best Cyber Security Training in Bangalore

Our team of certified specialists has designed our Cyber security course in Bangalore& info Security coaching course content and information for the schoolroom and on-line-coaching relies on popular needs from the trade. This allows them to stay associate industry-ready skilled, capable of handling the bulk of the real-world eventualities. Cambridge InfoTech conjointly offers tailored designed Cyber Security courses & info Security coaching courses for Corporates.

Our cyber security training and placement in Bangalore is normally organized at a time that is most convenient for you; we offer regular coaching (daytime courses), weekend coaching, and agency coaching. This course pricing is reasonable and tailored to meet the coaching demand. With successful interviews, our staff can make you feel confident and cracking interviews.

Cyber Security Training in Bangalore, India. cyber security course, cyber security training
Cyber Security Training in Bangalore, India.| cyber security course and placement in Bangalore

We also provide online training, which allows you to access our instruction from anywhere, at any time, and is both effective and efficient. We provide a fascinating interactive environment with dynamic content, e-Learning that not only effectively keeps people up to date, but also keeps them interested. It’s a one-stop-shop in Kamannahalli, Bangalore, and Tumkur for all IT and non-IT coaching.

What is Cyber Security, and what will I learn during my Cyber Security course in Bangalore?

Cyber security” refers to the defense against cyberspace attacks directed at companies, countries, and individuals.
Cyber-attacks are diverse and sophisticated, and most companies are affected. As cyber-attack threats are on the high, job opportunities in this sector are rising rapidly


  • Kali Linux
  • Nex Pose
  • Metasploit
  • Cain And Abel
  • Wireshark
  • John The Ripper
  • Nets Tumble
  • KisMac
  • Nmap
  • Nikto

Computer Security Management

  • Computer systems
  • Information management
  • Cyberlaw and ethics
  • Investigation techniques
  • Risk management
  • Technical report writing
  • List of Cyber Security categories
  • Fundamentals of Cyber Security

This cyber security course covers the fundamentals of the sphere. Students study and practice observation and protection processes related to security activities. The active apply involves protective work with passwords and applying multiple security models and systems.  This category is usually available through every college boy and graduate degree program.

During this course learn to guard data touching on businesses. They analyze case studies and policies to work out strategies for coming up with security comes, protective assets, and making response plans. Students conjointly learn to make a copy of computers and manage security programs during this intermediate-level course, which is meant for college boys and graduate programs.

Establishing and Managing data Assurance

Students study and analyze risk-management methods. These courses cowl the risks related to the topic of the Cyber security course in Bangalore and choices for reducing and negating them and embody a summary of procedures for establishing data security and ways to enforce existing policies. Upon completion of this course, students ought to be able to analyze pc networks to search out general issues and develop ways that mend them.

Forensics of Cyber Security

Through cyber security courses, students learn to triceps security violations. Topics of study embody strategies for recognizing network signatures and chase them back to their origins. Students examine completely different tracing strategies and establish techniques for his or her sensible use. although this course will have lecture aspects, it’s primarily an active course.

Hacker Techniques

Students taking this advanced cyber security course category assume the role of the hacker as they establish weaknesses in pc security setups and notice ways that to interrupt in. This role reversal trains students to acknowledge security issues and develop ways to strengthen systems. The course includes a summary of however hackers enter through holes and weaken overall systems, among piecemeal processes for responding to such breaches. Students conjointly learn to handle the proof hackers leave behind so as to catch and prosecute them.

Investigation and Response: Systems Forensics

This is a sophisticated course that trains students to guard PC systems from the realities of knowledge security problems; hackers will break in and compromise a program in 3 days or less. Students study multiple cooperative systems and ways that analyze security problems by replicating attacks. They study fortunate measures for responding to

Cyber Security Syllabus

  • The Necessity of Information Security
  • Confidentiality
  • integrity and availability of Information Assets
  • Information Security,
  • Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Information Security, and 10 Major Threats
  • Recent Threats and Countermeasures
  • Targeted Attacks
  • Invasion Routes for Targeted Attacks
  • Signatures of Targeted Attacks
  • Countermeasures for Targeted Attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Business Mail Fraud
  • Security Countermeasures
  • Security measures in working style reform
  • Working style reform
  • Working style reform and ICT utilization
  • Security measures
  • Case study.
  • Importance of information security
  • threats to the use of computers
  • Cyber Security User Account and Groups in detail
  • examples of information security damage and information security
  • Approach
  • Prohibited Act
  • Desktop security measures
  • Utilization of password
  • Utilization of file access right
  • Other technical measures
  • Anti-viruses software
  • What is a computer virus
  • Anti-virus software
  • Preventive measures guidelines
  • Security measures by cryptographic technology
  • measures against threats on the network
  • use of cryptographic technology and cryptographic technology
  • Corporate Ethics
  • Security Policy
  • Environment and Security Policy Surrounding Companies
  • Assignment network security
  • Final Assessmentnetwork security
  • Interview Preparation network security
  • Resume Support network security
  • Project

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