Most Asked Job Interview Questions For Freshers

Most Asked Job Interview Questions For Freshers here Cambridge Infotech you can find  most asked  job interview question based on all job sectors Consulting all IT Software JoBs HR’s and Managers we prepared the questions to guide you for success

Questions & Answers

Tell Us About Yourself?

Here you’re not aiming to tell the asker concerning your favorite dish, movie, or actor! The asker asks this question to investigate however assured you’re and the way you gift yourself.

Don’t narrate what’s already mentioned in your CV

Focus a lot on talking concerning your achievements and learning
Keep it short currently, you’ll produce

What are your strengths?

This is one of the foremost necessary underclassman interview queries because the leader analysis your strengths for the duty role and tries to know the challenges you may face within the new job role. Therefore, take care concerning stating any of your strengths or weaknesses.

What are your weaknesses?

It becomes vital once you got to share your weaknesses, that too, along with your hiring manager. However, it’s ne’er suggested to mention that you simply don’t have any weakness because it causes you to look proud.

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What are your hobbies?

In your underclassman interview queries, you’ll even expect some basic interview queries like what are your hobbies. currently, if you think that why the leader is {interested in|curious concerning|inquisitive about|fascinated by} knowing about your hobbies, it’s a very important interview question.

What does one understand about our company?

it’s one of the foremost necessary interviews queries that’s typically asked by a hiring manager at the start of the oral communication to know what proportion you’re attentive to the organization wherever you want to figure.

Why we should hire you?

With this tough interview question and answer, the leader needs to visualize your ability to pitch your skills and convincing power. Moreover, this interview question is a chance to point out to the asker your temperament for the duty.

Why does one need to work for our company?

corporations principally raise this common interview question to freshers to visualize what they need and the way a lot of they understand the corporate they’re showing for.

Coming Fiver Years where you will be?

As a primary interview, responsive this interview question becomes tough sometimes. Of course, at this stage, we tend to ar a lot of involvement concerning our initial year of duty, and coming up with concerning five years appears formidable to several freshers.

What salary you are expecting?

As a contemporary graduate, talking concerning your initial earnings is exciting, however, a tough job. the simplest thanks to answering this common interview question is to try and do some analysis before so that you’ll with confidence take an affordable vary.

Do you have any queries for us?

Most of the duty interviews shut at this basic interview question wherever the asker leaves scope for you to clear your doubts. Moreover, asking queries show that you simply are assured and targeted one who needs clarity for his/her job.