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ODI Course in Bangalore, India

Cambridge InfoTech extends the best ODI coaching in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore, India with the most competent experts. ODI Course in Bangalore Trainer intersection division serving in oracle data integrator and relevant technologies for further years in MNC’s. We manage to awake to purchase desires and that we square accent opening ODI coaching in Bangalore ODI training in Tumkur in a remarkably additional rational means. Students of ODI. Tutors offer oracle data integrator Classroom coaching, oracle data integrator-line coaching, and ODI fellowship coaching militaries. ODI training institutes tend to raise our information to meet the important world needs for each novice level to an advanced level. Our coaching is retailed in either weekday or weekend appointments depending on the partner demand.

Why ODI Training in Cambridge Infotech?

Cambridge InfoTech furnishes Fast-Track ODI Training in Bangalore, Kalyan Nagar matched ODI coaching in Bangalore. Here park measure the leading topics we tend to cowl beneath this ODI sequence information Oracle knowledge measuring device Course Topics, Topology ideas, Equating to Your information, shaping the Consistent design, putting in a label new Project, Oracle knowledge measuring device Model ideas, composing and Reverse-Engineering Models, Fleshing Out erudition Models, imposing erudition Quality with Oracle knowledge measuring device, User Functions. each topic is arranged in an exceedingly most judicious means with illustrations

ODI Training in Bangalore, India, oracle data integrator training in Bangalore
ODI Training in Bangalore, India, oracle data integrator training in Bangalore

ODI course in Bangalore

Cambridge InfoTech settled in varied places in Bangalore. we tend to square measure the most effective coaching Institute offers certification bound ODI course in Bangalore. our portions are available to receive all forms of transcripts at the tip of our assemblies. we tend to intersection agency building a team of ODI trainers and associates for his or her destiny promote and help inside the subject. Cambridge InfoTech is targeted at supporting placements yet. we’ve got a separate layer of time organization professionals World Health Organization can beware of all your interview requests.

oracle data integrator training in Bangalore Course Fees is notably moderate compared to others. we tend to square gauge the sole oracle data integrator coaching institute.

ODI Training in Bangalore, India, oracle data integrator training in Bangalore
Best ODI Training in Bangalore, India, oracle data integrator training in Bangalore
ODI Training in Bangalore, Tumkur

ODI Training in Bangalore, Tumkur

  • Architecture
  • Architecture Overview
  • What Is Oracle Data Integrator?
  • The Oracle Data Integrator Architecture
  • Components
  • Graphical Modules
  • Run-Time Components
  • Payment
  • Receipt
  • Journal
  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • GST tally
  • Service Tax
  • Creation of the company
  • TDS payable
  • Credit card transactions
  • Debit note
  • Credit note
  • Creation of stocks
  • Purchase order
  • Sales order
  • Interest Calculation
  • How to enter the opening
  • Depreciation
  • Multi-currency
  • Import data
  • Overview of the Topology
  • What Is the Topology?
  • Data Servers and Physical Schemas
  • What Is a Data Server?
  • Important Note
  • What Is a Physical Schema?
  • Properties of Physical Schemas
  • The Physical Architecture in Oracle Data Integrator
  • Topology Manager
  • What Is the Topology?
  • What Topology Manager Contains
  • The Physical Architecture View
  • Data Servers and Physical Schemas
  • Prerequisites for Connecting to a Server
  • Creating a Data Server
  • Some Examples of Drivers and URLs
  • Topology Manager
  • Overview of Topology Manager
  • Logical Architecture/Context Views
  • Defining Contexts
  • Defining a Context
  • Declaring Logical Schemas and Agents
  • Creating a Logical Schema
  • Linking the Logical and Physical Architecture
  • What Is a Project?
  • Overview of Oracle Data Integrator Projects
  • What Does a Project Represent?
  • Creating a New Project
  • Folders
  • What Is a Folder?
  • What Is a Knowledge Module?
  • Exporting and Importing
  • What Is a Model?
  • The Relational Paradigm
  • Relational Model Support in Oracle Data Integrator
  • Additional Metadata in Oracle Data Integrator
  • Reverse-Engineering
  • What Is Reverse-Engineering?
  • Methods for DBMS Reverse-Engineering
  • Standard Versus Customized Reverse-Engineering
  • What Is a Model?
  • What Is Reverse-Engineering?
  • Methods for DBMS Reverse-Engineering
  • How to Create a Model by Reverse-Engineering
  • How to Start the Reverse-Engineering Process
  • Selective Reverse-Engineering
  • Organizing Models
  • What Is a Model Folder?
  • Creating a Model Folder
  • Organizing Datastores into Sub-Models
  • Setting Up Automatic Distribution
  • Creating a Datastore in a Model
  • Adding Columns to a Datastore
  • Constraints in Oracle Data Integrator
  • Why Data Quality
  • When to Enforce Data Quality
  • Source Applications
  • Control in the Integration Process
  • Target Applications
  • Business Rules for Data Quality
  • From Business Rules to Constraints
  • Overview of the Data Quality System
  • Exploring Your Data
  • Displaying the Contents of a Datastore
  • Viewing the Distribution of Values
  • Analyzing the Contents of a Datastore
  • Constructing Business Rules
  • Defining Business Rules in Oracle Data Integrator
  • Deducing Constraints from Data Analysis
  • Auditing Data Quality
  • Creating a One-to-One Interface
  • Creating and Naming a New Interface
  • Defining the Target Datastore
  • Defining the Source Datastore
  • What Is Mapping?
  • Defining the Mappings
  • Valid Mapping Types
  • Saving the Interface
  • Multiple Sources & Joins
  • Multiple Source Datastores
  • Manually Creating a Join
  • Advanced Joins
  • Types of Joins & Setting Up a Join
  • Filtering Data
  • Filters in Oracle Data Integrator
  • Defining a Filter Manually
  • How to Execute an Interface
  • What Happens at Run Time
  • Monitoring Interfaces
  • Operator: Viewing the Log
  • Sessions, Steps, Tasks: The Hierarchy
  • Viewing Sessions and Tasks
  • How to Monitor Execution of an Interface
  • Troubleshooting a Session

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