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Oracle DBA Training in Bangalore

Cambridge Infotech offers Oracle DBA training in Bangalore, Oracle software certification course from our professionals in Kammanahalli Bangalore and Tumkur with the foremost intimate oracle certification with professionals. Instructors square measure operative in oracle database and connected technologies for added years in MNC’s. we have a bent to attend to business needs which we tend to square measure providing Oracle DBA coaching in Bangalore in further smart suggests that. Team of Oracle DBA trainers offers Oracle DBA in-room coaching job, Oracle DBA online coaching, and Oracle DBA company coaching services. we’ve a bent to border our program to match the $64000 world requirements for every beginner level to an advanced level. Our coaching goes to be handled in either a weekday or weekend program depends on the participant’s demand.

Best Oracle DBA coaching in Bangalore

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We do offer Fast-Track Oracle DBA coaching in Bangalore and matched Oracle DBA coaching in the city. Here unit the key topics we have a bent to cowl below this Oracle DBA course program Introduction, setting up the Oracle info software system, creating associate Oracle info, Managing the Oracle Instance, Managing data Storage Structures, Administering User Security, Managing Schema Objects, Managing Undo knowledge, Implementing Oracle info security. each topic is going to be coated in mainly sensible means that with examples.

Why Training in Cambridge InfoTech?

Cambridge InfoTech settled in varied places in Bangalore. we’ve got a bent to stand live the foremost effective coaching Institute offers certification-headed Oracle DBA coaching in Bangalore. Our participants are going to be eligible to clear every kind of interview at the end of our sessions. we’ve got a bent to stand live building a team of Oracle info trainers and participants for his or her future facilitate and facilitate within the subject. Our coaching goes to be targeted at serving in placements equally.

we’ve got separate hour team professionals who can watch out for all of your interviews needs. Our Oracle info coaching in Bangalore Course Fees is very moderate compared to others. we’ve got an inclination to stand live as the only Oracle info coaching institute that will share video reviews of all our students. we’ve got an inclination to mention the course timings and start dates equally below.

Oracle DBA Course Content

  • Introduction (Database Architecture)
  • Describe course objectives
  • Explore the Oracle 10g info design
  • Installing the Oracle info software system
  • Explain core DBA tasks and tools
  • Plan associate Oracle installation
  • Use optimum versatile design
  • Creating associate Oracle info
  • Create info with the info Configuration Assistant (DBCA)
  • Create an info style example with the DBCA
  • Generate info creation scripts with the DBCA
  • Managing the Oracle Instance
  • Start and stop the Oracle info and elements
  • Use Enterprise Manager (EM)
  • Access info with SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus
  • Modify info formatting parameters
  • View the Alert log
  • Use the information lexicon oracle database
  • Managing info Storage Structures
  • Describe table knowledge storage (in blocks) oracle database
  • Define the aim of tablespaces and knowledge files
  • Understand and utilize Oracle Managed Files (OMF) oracle database
  • Create and manage tablespaces 
  • Obtain tablespace data oracle database
  • Describe the most ideas and practicality of Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
  • Create and manage info user accounts oracle certification
  • Authenticate users
  • Assign default storage areas (tablespaces) oracle certification
  • Grant and revoke privileges oracle database
  • Create and manage roles oracle certification
  • Create and manage profiles oracle certification
  • Implement commonplace-countersign security measures
  • Control resource usage by users
  • Managing Schema Objects Or
  • Create and modify tables
  • Define constraints
  • View the columns and contents of a table
  • Create indexes, views, and sequences
  • Explain the employment of temporary tables
  • Use the information lexicon
  • Manage knowledge through SQL
  • Monitor and resolve lockup conflicts
  • Managing Undo knowledge
  • Monitor and administer undo
  • Describe the distinction between undo and redo knowledge
  • Configure undo retention
  • Guarantee undo retention
  • Use the undo authority
  • Implementing Oracle info Security
  • Describe DBA responsibilities for security
  • Apply the principle of least privilege
  • Specify audit choices
  • Review audit data
  • Maintain the audit path
  • Oracle DBA coaching program – half pair of
  • Configuring the Oracle Network setting
  • Create extra listeners
  • Create web Service aliases
  • Configure connect-time failover
  • Control the Oracle web perceived
  • Identify once to use shared versus dedicated servers
  • Backup and Recovery ideas
  • Identify the kinds of failure which will occur in associate Oracle info
  • Describe ways that to tune instance recovery
  • Identify the importance of checkpoints, redo log files, and archived log files
  • Configure ARCHIVELOG mode
  • Performing info Backups
  • Back your info up while no movement it down
  • Create progressive backups
  • Automate info backups
  • Monitor the flash recovery space
  • Performing info Recovery
  • Recover from loss of an impact file
  • Recover from loss of a redo log file
  • Perform complete recovery following the loss of an information file
  • Describe Flashback info
  • Restore the table content to a selected purpose within the past with Flashback Table
  • Recover from a born table
  • View the contents of the info as of any single purpose in time with Flashback question
  • See versions of a row over time with Flashback Versions question
  • View the history of the dealings of a row with Flashback dealing question
  • Moving knowledge
  • Describe obtainable ways that for moving knowledge
  • Create and use directory objects
  • Use SQL*Loader to load knowledge from non-Oracle info (or user files)
  • Explain the overall design of knowledge Pump
  • Use knowledge Pump Export and Import to maneuver knowledge between Oracle databases
  • Use external tables to maneuver knowledge via platform-independent files
  • Recovery Manager options and elements
  • Using a Flash Recovery space with RMAN
  • Configuring RMAN
  • Control File Auto backups
  • Retention Policies and Channel Allocation
  • Using Recovery Manager to attach to target info in default NOCATALOG mode
  • Displaying this RMAN configuration settings
  • Altering the backup retention policy for an info
  • Using Recovery Manager
  • RMAN Command summary
  • Compressed Backups
  • Image Copy
  • Whole info and progressive Backups
  • LIST and REPORT commands
  • Enable ARCHIVELOG mode for the info
  • Use Recovery Manager
  • Recovering from Non-critical Losses
  • Recovery of Non-Critical Files
  • Recreating Redo Log Files, Index Tablespaces, and Indexes
  • Read-Only Tablespace Recovery
  • Authentication ways for info directors
  • Loss of countersign Authentication File
  • Creating a replacement temporary tablespace
  • Altering the default temporary tablespace for an info
  • Incomplete Recovery
  • Recovery Steps
  • Server and User-Managed Recovery commands
  • Recovering an impact File Autobackup
  • Creating a replacement management File
  • Incomplete Recovery summary
  • Incomplete Recovery Best Practices
  • Point-in-time recovery victimization RMAN
  • Flashback
  • Flashback info design
  • Configuring and observation Flashback info
  • Backing Up the Flash Recovery space
  • Flashback info issues
  • Using the Flashback info RMAN interface
  • Using Flashback info EM Interface
  • Dealing with info Corruption
  • Block Corruption Symptoms: ORA-1578
  • DBVERIFY Utility and also the ANALYZE command
  • Initialization parameter DB_BLOCK_CHECKING
  • Segment information Dump and Verification
  • Using Flashback for Logical Corruption and victimisation DBMS_REPAIR
  • Block Media Recovery
  • RMAN BMR Interface
  • Monitoring and Managing Storage I
  • Database Storage Structures oracle database
  • Space Management summary
  • Oracle-Managed Files (OMF)
  • Row Chaining and Migrating
  • Proactive Tablespace observation
  • Managing Resumable house Allocation
  • SYSAUX Tablespace
  • Monitoring and Managing Storage II
  • Automatic Undo Management
  • Redo Log Files
  • Table sorts
  • Partitioned Tables
  • Index-Organized Tables (IoT)
  • Managing index house with SQL 
  • View “Automatic calibration of Undo Retention”
  • VLDB Support
  • Creating Bigfile Tablespaces
  • Packages and knowledge lexicon changes to support VLDB
  • Creating and maintaining temporary tablespace teams (TTG)
  • Partitioning and partitioned off Indexes
  • Skipping unusable indexes
  • Interpreting Bigfile ROWIDs
  • Automating Tasks with computer hardware
  • Scheduler ideas
  • Creating employment category and a Window
  • Managing Jobs, Programs, Chains, Events, Schedules, priority
  • Viewing and Purging Job Logs
  • Creating a program and a schedule
  • Creating employment that uses a program and a schedule
  • Altering the program and schedule for the work and observant the behavior amendment of the work
  • Monitoring job runs

Workshop Methodology, necessities, and setup
1: info performance
2: Finding and calibration Inefficient SQL
3: SGA Management – REDO
4: Running out of Undo house
5: Missing datafile
6: Managing house in an exceeding tablespace – REDO
7: Missing worker file

  1. Assignment oracle software
  2. Final Assessment 
  3. Interview Preparation oracle software
  4. Resume Support 
  5. Project Ora

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