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Best SAP FICO Training institute in Bangalore

Cambridge InfoTech is a well-known brand among the top SAP training institutes in Bangalore. For those looking for the best SAP training institutes in and around Bangalore, we are a one-stop shop. With professional SAP industry trainers, we offer the best SAP course training in Kammanahalli, Bangalore. We offer 100% Job placement support and require you to work on real-world projects.

Best SAP FICO Training in Bangalore

Our SAP training center in Bangalore is well-equipped with labs and good infrastructure to supply you with hands-on instruction. In addition, we provide a sap certification training programs. After successfully achieving the SAP Training course, we have successfully trained and placed many of our students in large MNC companies. For our students, we provide complete placement assistance.


According to Google and candidates reviews, Cambridge InfoTech is one of the simplest SAP training institutes in Bangalore. Over 8500 SAP training programs have been achieved, with 100% placement support provided to students. Over the 10 years, the Cambridge InfoTech team has been engaged in giving quality SAP training.

Best SAp training in bangalore - Course highlights

Our trainers are recruited from the SAP industry and have a minimum of 10 years of experience in implementing SAP technology. All SAP Trainers are real-time working consultants who provide hands-on training supported real-world circumstances.

For the simplest SAP Training in Bangalore, we provide classroom training, online training, weekend classes, and a quick track course. Students can pick from a range of course schedules to suit their needs.

The course material for SAP training is meant to assess real-time implementation and can aid students in fully comprehending SAP principles. Our SAP training in Bangalore covers all aspects of SAP technology and provides students with a radical understanding of real-world situations. Our SAP experts at Cambridge InfoTech Training Institute in Bangalore have devised a completely unique method of imparting SAP knowledge in an efficient manner.

Syllabus of SAP FICO Course content

  • Understanding of what’s ERP Systems
  •  Introduction to SAP
  •  process company
  •  Configuring company code
  •  process business space
  •  distribution company code to the company
  • Maintaining yr variant
  • distribution yr variant to company code
  • process posting periods
  • process open and shut posting periods
  • distribution variant to company code
  • Document varieties and Parameters
  • process document variety ranges
  • SAP posting keys Definition
  • process field standing variant
  • distribution field standing variant to company code
  • process tolerance teams for workers
  • process chart of accounts
  • distribution chart of accounts to company code
  • process account teams
  • process maintained earnings account
  • Maintain Field standing variant for ledger
  • making GL accounts
  • found out Tolerance for postings
  • Postings
  • Park/Hold the document
  • Reversal entries
  • making client teams
  • Field validation for teams
  • making variety ranges
  • distribution variety ranges to client teams
  • making client
  • amendment client details
  • show client details and Balances
  • Raising sales invoice
  •  Incoming payments
  •  money discounts
  • payment
  • making merchandiser teams
  • merchandiser ranges creation
  • making ranges to merchandiser teams
  • making a merchandiser
  • amendment merchandiser details
  • show merchandiser and Balance
  • Raising merchandiser invoice
  • Outgoing payments
  • APP ( Automatic Payment Programme)
  • money discounts/Terms of Payment
  • Interest calculation
  • payment
  •  Debit memoranda
  • making a house bank
  • Configuring fund journal
  • Configuring automatic payment to vendors
  • outline country tax procedure
  • outline the calculation procedure
  • Assign calculation procedure
  • Base quantity settings
  • Exempt Tax codes and their connection.
  • making GL accounts of input tax output tax and excise tax
  • Configuration for tax calculation Postings
  • rate of exchange distinction ledger for Foreign currency document posting
  • SAP Netweaver with Currency setting.
  • Currency translation quantitative relation
  • process, ever-changing and maintaining rate of exchange ratios
  • summary of completed and unsuccessful profit and loss
  • repetition chart of depreciation
  • distribution chart of depreciation to company code
  • Specify account determination
  • produce screen layout rules
  • making quality categories
  • Depreciation space and use of Depreciation space
  • Maintain quality master records (Create /Change /Display)
  • Acquisition of quality
  • Running depreciation
    Manual depreciation and unplanned depreciation
  • Retirement of quality
  • Scraping of AN quality
  • Depreciation postings
  • Reports on quality accounting
  • quality adventurer
  • Configuring new GL
  • Document ripping (Active, Passive, and nil Balance)
  • Configuring leading and non-leading ledger
  •  Configuration of FSV
  •  FSV and their use within the company’s report on IFRS and generally accepted accounting practices each
  • Maintaining management space settings
  • Assign dominant space to Company code
  • Maintaining variety ranges for dominant documents
  • Activating dominant indicators
  • making numerous varieties of value components
  • Primary value part creation
  • making a secondary value part
  • Automatic and Manual creation of value components
  •  making value centre hierarchy
  • value centre creation
  • making activity varieties
  • Reports of value Centres
  • making profit Centre
  • Dummy profit Centre creation
  • making profit Centre hierarchy
  • distribution profit Centre to value Centre
  • Reports on profit Centre
  • Introduction to EPR SAP
  • Basic business functions
  • Application in SAP
  • R/3 Architecture
  • User and Role Map Creations
  • Define Company
  • Define Credit Control Area
  • Edit, Copy, Delete, Check Company Code
  • Define Functional Area
  • Maintain Consolidation business area
  • Maintain financial management area
  • Assign Company code to Company
  • Business area to Consolidation business area 
  • Controlling area to Consolidation business area
  • Controlling area to financial management area
  • ENTER Global parameters
  • Fiscal Year Setting SAP FICO Training in Bangalore
  • Posting Periods SAP FICO
  • Define Document Types and
  • Define Posting Keys
  • Maintain Field Status Variants
  • Indicate Currency Differences for Partial Payments
  • Define Text IDs for Documents
  • Maximum Exchange Rate Differences
  • Define Texts for Line Items
  • Default Values for Document Processing
  • Define Country specific Chart of accounts, Operative Chart of accounts
  • Define Account Group and Retained Earnings Account
  • Sample Accounts
  • Block/Unblock GL Accounts
  • G/L Account Creation and Processing
  • Delete G/L Account SAP FICO
  • Delete Chart of Accounts
  • Block/Unblock Chart of Accounts
  • Define Tolerance Groups for G/L Accounts
  • Define Tolerance Groups for Employees
  • Assign Users to Tolerance Groups
  • General Document posting
  • Sample Document
  • Recurring Entry Document
  • Parked Documents
  • Hold Documents
  • Reverse Document 
  • Open item Management
  • Incoming Payments
  • Outgoing Payments SAP FICO
  • Manual clearing SAP FICO
  • Automatic clearing
  • Foreign Currency Posting
  • Foreign Currency Valuation
  • Enter Accrual/Deferral Doc
  • Work List preparations
  • Reset Cleared Items
  • Display Balances (With Variant)
  • Business area Overview Report
  • Editing Options
  • Control Totals
  • Correspondence Internal document
  • Account Assignment Model
  • Define Group Chart of Accounts
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Set Company Code to Productive
  • Account Groups with Screen Layout (Customers)
  • Create Number Ranges for Customer Accounts
  • Assign Number Ranges to Customer Accounts Groups
  • Define Tolerances for Customers/Vendors
  • Define Tolerance Groups for Employees
  • Assign Users to Tolerance Groups
  • Customer Document Posting
  • Down Payment SAP FICO
  • Bill of exchange
  • Dunning
  • Cross Company code transactions in G/L, A/R and A/P
  • Cross company code transactions in Asset accounting SAP FICO
  • Cancellations of Cross company code transactions
  • Define Financial Statement Versions SAP FICO
  • Display of Trial Balance, GL Balance and A/R Balance
  • Movement types
  • Valuation class
  • Valuation area
  • Process key
  • Valuation grouping
  • Material types
  • Define Plant SAP FICO
  • Define Division
  • Maintain Storage Location
  • Maintain Purchasing Organization
  • Assign plant to company code
  • Assign business are to plant/valuation area and division
  • Purchasing organization to company code
  • Creation of Material Group
  • Maintain company code for material management
  • Define attributes of martial types
  • Set tolerance group for purchase orders
  • Set tolerance limits for goods receipt
  • Plant parameters
  • Maintain default values for tax codes
  • Set tolerance limits for invoice verification
  • Define automatic status change
  • Group together valuation areas
  • Configure automatic posting
  • Document type & number ranges
  • Interest calculation
  • Display of A/P Balance
  • Display of ASSETS Balances
  • Balance carry forward process
  • Month ending activates
  • Year ending activates
  • LSMW
  • Fi-co tables
  • Structure of account balances
  • Automatic Clearing SAP FICO
  • Maintain Terms of Payment
  • Define Terms of Payment for Installation Payments, Cash Discount Granted
  • Define Accounts for over payments / Underpayments, Exchange Rate Differences
  • Define Functional Area
  • Activate Cost of Sales Accounting for Preparation
  • Enter Functional Area in G/L Account Master Data best sap
  • Enter Functional Area in Cost Element Master Data and in Cost Center Categories 
  • Financial statement preparations for the cost of sales accounting

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