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Sap Hana Training in Bangalore kALYAN NAGAR.

Cambridge InfoTech Provides Best Sap Hana Training in Bangalore Kalyan Nagar. Sap course details we tend to offer Sap Hana Certification coaching. we tend to bridge the gap between the need of the trade. Cambridge InfoTech provides the simplest SAP HANA work for all SAP HANA ERP Modules. Cambridge InfoTech Bangalore provides 100 percent commitment to our students’ placements. Best SAP HANA work institute in Bangalore

Why Sap Hana Training in Bangalore kammanahalli Cambridge InfoTech?

Best SAP HANA coaching institute in Bangalore focuses on the needs of the SAP HANA ERP community. Cambridge InfoTech listed one of the best SAP HANA coaching institutes in Bangalore. we offer education for in operation professionals. SAP HANA coaching in Bangalore understands the necessity of the community. we offer all SAP HANA coaching courses as students’ selection. Cambridge InfoTech provides free SAP HANA coaching materials of sopping copy and text. Discover the simplest SAP HANA coaching job in Bangalore at Cambridge InfoTech.

SAP HANA coaching institutes in Kammanahalli, Bangalore classes unit interactive, we provide active experience in SAP HANA classes. SAP HANA coaching in Bangalore provides theoretical knowledge and sensitive knowledge among the classes. Learn SAP HANA modules in Bangalore with the help of our team. Our SAP HANA trainers and consultants will keep providing throughout the coaching real SAP HANA project eventualities. SAP HANA is that the best technology for consultants.

What is sap hana

SAP HANS (High-Speed Analytical Appliance) is an associate degree in-memory information platform has developed by SAP SE which will be deployed on-premises or within the cloud. It uses in-memory computing to save compressed data in a random access memory (RAM), instead of storing it in relative databases on disk drives. Compared to accessing the information on commonplace disks, SAP HANA will access in-memory information ten,000 times quicker. Thus, it permits firms to quickly analyze massive amounts of information and method transactions in seconds instead of hours.

SAP HANA Developer Training in Cambridge InfoTech

Cambridge Infotech coaching Institute is that the prime & best SAP HANA course coaching institute in Bangalore that provides the foremost effective SAP HANA coaching with the foremost intimate time period professionals. we have a tendency to tend to border our SAP HANA information in such method| how| some approach| the way| the simplest way} that every underclassman and intimate learners can feel cozy with the way we have a tendency to tend to coach.

we’ve got the foremost effective SAP trainers for all SAP modules, all our trainers unit of measurement company specialists having seven to 12yrs of experience.

We cowl all the topics from basics to advanced level. every topic coated below the SAP coaching is explained in smart ways in which with examples. Our SAP trainers unit of measurement SAP certified specialists and intimate in operation professionals with time period SAP comes knowledge.

Our advanced coaching facilities and also the latest teaching methodology make certain that the candidates learn SAP HANA tons effectively.

SAP HANA Developer Training in Bangalore Kalyan Nagar India
SAP HANA Training in Bangalore Kalyan Nagar India

We don’t compromise on the standard of coaching.

Our faculty members area unit well qualified, with period experience among the vary of 7-12 years with tried teaching skills. the information for each of the SAP ERP Modules is unbroken up-to-date love the most recent trends and changes in the business.

Our work Programs offer value for money and you’ll be ready to be assured of end-to-end support not only throughout the work quantity but together post-training steering among the type of mock-interviews, observe sessions, study-material, and resume-writing.

SAP HANA Developer Training in Bangalore Kalyan Nagar India
SAP HANA Training in Bangalore Kalyan Nagar India

Our best SAP work center in Bangalore is well equipped with work facilities and superb infrastructure for providing you with period work experience. we have a tendency to tend to together provide sap certification program. we’ve got successfully trained and provided placement for many of our students in major MNC companies once victorious completion SAP HANA work course. we provide 100 percent placement support for our students.

Best SAP HANA DEVELOPER Training in Bangalore

Our SAP training center in Bangalore is well-equipped with labs and good infrastructure to provide you with hands-on instruction. In addition, we offer a sap certification training programs. After successfully completing the SAP Training course, we have successfully trained and placed many of our students in large MNC companies. For our students, we offer complete placement assistance.

According to Google and candidates reviews, Cambridge InfoTech is one of the best SAP training institutes in Bangalore. Over 8500 SAP training programs have been completed, with 100% placement support provided to students. Over the 10 years, the Cambridge InfoTech team has been committed to providing quality SAP training.


Our mentors are recruited from the SAP industry and have at least 10 years of expertise in implementing SAP technology. All SAP Instructors are real-time working consultants who provide hands-on training based on real-world circumstances.

For the best SAP Training in Bangalore, we offer classroom training, online training, weekend classes, and a fast track course. Students can choose from a range of course schedules to suit their needs.

The course material for SAP training is supposed to assess real-time implementation and will aid students in fully comprehending SAP principles. Our SAP training in Bangalore covers all aspects of SAP technology and provides students with a thorough understanding of real-world situations. Our SAP specialists at Cambridge InfoTech Training Institute in Bangalore have devised a novel method of imparting SAP knowledge in an efficient manner.


  • Free Orientation & Demo Classes – Get in touch with the greatest SAP training real-time professionals, learn about the courses, and get professional guidance.
  • Hands-on Experience – During the training, SAP Server Access will be offered for practice.
  • 100% Job Assistance – Our Placement cell will assist you in finding employment that matches your module and skillset, cutting your job search time significantly.
  • Assistance after You Start Working – For the first three months after you start working and have settled down, our finest SAP training specialist trainers will provide support to taught students.
  • Certification Support – Because certification adds value to your resume, we encourage and recommend that you pursue certification in your chosen field our SAP training professionals will be able to assist you.
  • Our best SAP trainers are well-versed in SAP and have extensive expertise in teaching end-users, students, and corporate workers.

Syllabus of SAP HANA DEVELOPER Course

  • Introduction to DBMS and RDBMS
  • History of RDBMS
  • Basic concepts RAM, SSD and Hard Disk
  • What is In memory
  • What is SAP HANA
  • How the difference with another database
  • HANA Evaluation
  • why HANA Platform
  • What Hana cannot do
  • HANA Hardware size and Editions
  • How to install Hana server and Studio
  • HANA Client JDBC and ODBC
  • Hana studio
  • Schema
  • Database objects( Tables, Views, Synonyms, Sequences, procedures, and index )
  • Materialized views
  • Introduction to SQL (DDL,DML,DCL and TCL)
  • Row store and column store
  • Compression in Hana
  • Partitions on column store
  • How the HANA Column with good write capability
  • All Joins
  •  SLT( both for Non Sap and SAP)
  •  BODS
  • DXC
  •  Smart Data Access
  •  Smart Data Integration (Kind of Internal BODS to SAP HANA)
  • Flat file
  • Multidimensional  models
  • Attribute View
  • Analytic view
  • Calculation View
  • HANA Script
  • Star join
  • Hierarchies
  • Filter Operations Variables and  Currency conversion
  • Fuzzy search
  • Decision Tables
  • Business Function Library
  • HANA Engines
  • HANA Security
  • HANA Transport
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Native hana apps development
  • hana architecture
  • Persistent Layer
  • Performance check tools
  • Dynamic Tiering
  • Monitoring HANA
  • Lumira
  • Design studio
  • Explorer
  • Native Hana and Application powered by Hana
  • ABAP Dictionary Enhancements
  • Data Type Systems: ABAP & SAP HANA
  • Open SQL & ABAP Dictionary views
  • ABAP Managed Database Procedures
  • Native SQL
  • Debugging
  • ABAP CDS View
  • ABAP Managed Database Procedures in SAP BW powered by SAP HANA
  • Code Push  down concepts using ADT .
  • BW 7.3
  • BW 7.4
  • ODP for Extraction and Reporting
  • Classic DSO
  • Advanced DSO
  • The composite provider(LOCAL and HANA provider)
  • Optimized  info-cube and No more optimized DSO
  • Open ODS
  • HANA Transformations
  • Query Snapshots
  • HANA Analysis process
  • Inventory HANA info cubes
  • Transient Provider
  • Virtual providers for HANA
  • Mixed Scenarios
  • BenchMark with Hana
  • Converting Normal landscape to LSA++
  • Agile data mart
  • ECC6 on HANA
  • HANA Live
  • Compare BWA with HANA
  • Introduction to UI5
  • Introduction to S/4 HANA

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