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Sap Hana Training in Bangalore kammanahalli

Cambridge InfoTech Provides Best Sap Hana Training in Bangalore kammanahalli. Sap course details We give Sap Hana Certification training. we tend to bridge the gap between the requirement of the trade. Cambridge InfoTech provides best SAP HANA coaching for all SAP HANA ERP Modules. Cambridge InfoTech Bangalore provides 100% commitment to our students’ placements. Best SAP HANA coaching institute in Bangalore may be a leading SAP HANA coaching institute in Marathalli.

Why Sap Hana Training in Bangalore kammanahalli Cambridge InfoTech?

Best SAP HANA coaching institute in Bangalore focuses on the wants of the SAP HANA ERP community. Cambridge InfoTech listed one of every of the highest SAP HANA coaching institutes in Bangalore. we provide education for operating professionals. SAP HANA coaching in Bangalore understands the requirement of the community. we provide all SAP HANA coaching courses as students’ choice. Cambridge InfoTech provides free SAP HANA coaching materials of soppy copy and text. Discover the best SAP HANA coaching in Bangalore at Cambridge InfoTech.

SAP HANA coaching institutes in Kammanahalli, Bangalore categories square measure interactive, we offer active expertise in SAP HANA categories. SAP HANA coaching in Bangalore provides theoretical data and sensitive data within the categories. Learn SAP HANA modules in Bangalore with the assistance of our team. Our SAP HANA trainers and consultants can keep providing throughout the coaching real SAP HANA project eventualities. SAP HANA is the best technology for consultants.

SAP HANA in Cambridge InfoTech

Cambridge Infotech coaching Institute is that the prime & best SAP HANA course coaching institute in Bangalore offers the most effective SAP HANA coaching with most intimate real time professionals. we tend to frame our SAP HANA info in such method|how|some way|the way|the simplest way} that each fresher and intimate learners will feel comfy with the way we tend to train.
we’ve got the most effective SAP trainers for all SAP modules, all our trainers square measure company specialists having seven to 12yrs of expertise.

We cowl all the topics from basics to advanced level. each topic coated beneath the SAP coaching is explained in sensible ways that with examples. Our SAP trainers square measure SAP certified specialists and intimate operating professionals with real time SAP comes data.
Our advanced coaching facilities and latest teaching methodology make sure that the candidates learn SAP HANA a lot of effectively.

We don’t compromise on the standard of coaching.

Our college members square measure well qualified, with period expertise within the vary of 7-12 years with tried teaching skills. The info for every of the SAP ERP Modules is unbroken up-to-date love the newest trends and changes within the business.
Our coaching Programs provide a price for cash and you’ll be able to be assured of end-to-end support not solely throughout the coaching amount however conjointly post-training steerage within the sort of mock-interviews, observe sessions, study-material, and resume-writing.
Our best SAP coaching center in Bangalore is well equipped with work facilities and glorious infrastructure for providing you with real-time coaching expertise. we tend to conjointly give sap certification educational programs. we’ve got with success trained and provided placement for several of our students in major MNC firms when victorious completion SAP HANA coaching course. we offer 100% placement support for our students.

Sap Hana Training in bangalore kammanahali

Best SAP hana Training in Bangalore

Our SAP training center in Bangalore is well-equipped with labs and good infrastructure to provide you with hands-on instruction. In addition, we offer a sap certification training programs. After successfully completing the SAP Training course, we have successfully trained and placed many of our students in large MNC companies. For our students, we offer complete placement assistance.

According to Google and candidates reviews, Cambridge InfoTech is one of the best SAP training institutes in Bangalore. Over 8500 SAP training programs have been completed, with 100% placement support provided to students. Over the 10 years, the Cambridge InfoTech team has been committed to providing quality SAP training.

Best SAp training in bangalore - Course highlights

Our trainers are recruited from the SAP industry and have at least 10 years of expertise in implementing SAP technology. All SAP Trainers are real-time working consultants who provide hands-on training based on real-world circumstances.

For the best SAP Training in Bangalore, we offer classroom training, online training, weekend classes, and a fast track course. Students can choose from a range of course schedules to suit their needs.

The course material for SAP training is supposed to assess real-time implementation and will aid students in fully comprehending SAP principles. Our SAP training in Bangalore covers all aspects of SAP technology and provides students with a thorough understanding of real-world situations. Our SAP specialists at Cambridge InfoTech Training Institute in Bangalore have devised a novel method of imparting SAP knowledge in an efficient manner.


  • Free Orientation & Demo Classes – Get in touch with the greatest SAP training real-time professionals, learn about the courses, and get professional guidance.
  • Hands-on Experience – During the training, SAP Server Access will be offered for practice.
  • 100% Job Assistance – Our Placement cell will assist you in finding employment that matches your module and skillset, cutting your job search time significantly.
  • Assistance after You Start Working – For the first three months after you start working and have settled down, our finest SAP training specialist trainers will provide support to taught students.
  • Certification Support – Because certification adds value to your resume, we encourage and recommend that you pursue certification in your chosen field our SAP training professionals will be able to assist you. 
  • Our best SAP trainers are well-versed in SAP and have extensive expertise in teaching end-users, students, and corporate workers.

Syllabus of Sap Hana Course

1. Introducing SAP HANA, Introducing SAP S4 HANA
1.1 Outlining SAP S4/HANA Finance,
1.2 SAP In-Memory Strategy,
1.3 Row Store VS Column store.

2.1Providing Technical summary of the Implementation conditions
2:2 Describe the design of the S4/HANA-Finance
2:3 Analysing the universal Journal
2:4 providing a summary of reportage choices
2:5 Introducing SAP FIORI

3.1Prepare for migration.
3.2. Check Customizing Settings before Migration
3.3 outline Message sorts for Posting before and through Migration
3.4 Preparations and Migration of Customizing for book
1. Activate SAP Reference IMG for money Accounting (New)
2. Check and Adopt twelvemonth Variants
3. Migrate book Customizing.
4. outline Settings for Ledgers and Currency sorts
5. outline Ledger for CO Version
6. outline Document sorts for Postings in dominant
7. outline Document kind Mapping Variants for CO Business Transactions
8. Check and outline Default Values for Postings in dominant
9. outline compensatory Account Determination kind
10. outline Currency Settings for Migration
11. outline supply Ledger for Migration of Balances
12. Execute Consistency Check of book Settings
13. Activate Business Functions
14.Preparations and Migration of Customizing for quality Accounting
15.Preparations and Migration of Customizing for dominant
16.Preparations for Migration of House Bank Accounts

4.1.GL Accounts and price parts in SAP Accounting supercharged by HANA
4.2.Simulation: a way to produce a primary price Account
4: three Simulation: produce a Secondary price Account
4:4 Simulation: a way to produce an associate quality account as an applied mathematics price part
4:5 Simulation: produce default account assignment
4:6 a way to use the amount lock transactions
4:7 Managing Ledgers in SAP Accounting supercharged by SAP HANA
4:8 Simulation: Post-secondary price to money Accounting
4:9 Simulation: produce associate appendix/extending ledger and post a document to that
4:10. Document Splitting: ulterior document rending

5.1. Business Partner-Introduction
5.2. Business partner approach
5.3. system DEMO-BP creation and configuration
5.4. client merchandiser Integration (CVI)
5.5.Pre-Checks -Customer merchandiser Integration

6.1 Providing a summary of the latest quality Accounting Functions
6.2 Simulation: produce Assets
6.3 Posting Logic in New quality Accounting
6.4 Simulation: Posting Integrated quality Acquisitions
6.5 Simulation: Execute a depreciation posting run and analyzing the log
6.6. Simulation: Manage Depreciation Runs
6.7 Configuring new quality Accounting

7.1Management Accounting Business method
dominant space
No vary and dominant Documents
Maintain Versions sap Hana certification
7.2. Master information sap Hana certification
price Center Master information
G/L Account kind Primary and Secondary price
produce Activity kind
7.3. Event-Based Postings
Primary Postings sap Hana certification
reportage in SAP S/4 HANA
Account Assignment Tools
Adjustment Postings
Direct Activity Allocation
7.4 Period-End Closing

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