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SAP time unit HCM Training in Kammanahalli, Bangalore, we manage to connect the gap between the necessity of the trade. Cambridge InfoTech gives the most simplistic SAP time unit HCM Training for all SAP time unit HCM ERP Modules. Cambridge InfoTech is one of the simplest SAP time unit HCM SAP Course in Bangalore. We provide 100% assurance to our student’s placements. Best SAP time unit HCM Training Institute in Bangalore Kammanahalli possibly a leading SAP time unit HCM coaching institute.

SAP HCM Training in Kammanahalli Bangalore

SAP time unit HCM training in Kammanahalli, Bangalore, we will in general overcome any issues between the prerequisite of the exchange. Cambridge InfoTech gives the most straightforward SAP time unit HCM training. Cambridge InfoTech is one of the most straightforward SAP time unit HCM training foundations in Bengaluru. Cambridge InfoTech Bengaluru gives a 100% obligation to our aspirant’s. Best SAP time unit HCM training establishment in Bengaluru might be a main SAP time unit HCM training organization.

WHY SAP HCM TRAINING IN Cambridge Infotech

SAP time unit HCM coaching institutes in Bengaluru categories area unit interactive, we offer active expertise in SAP time unit HCM categories. SAP time unit HCM training in Bengaluru gives theoretical knowledge and sensitive information within the categories. Learn SAP time unit HCM modules in Kammanahalli, Bengaluru with the assistance of our SAP time unit HCM team. Our SAP time unit HCM instructors and SAP time unit HCM experts can continue giving throughout the SAP time unit HCM coaching real SAP time unit HCM project situations. SAP time unit HCM is that the best technology for experts.


Best SAP HCM Training in Bangalore

Our SAP training center in Bangalore is well-equipped with labs and good infrastructure to provide you with hands-on instruction. In addition, we offer a sap certification training programs. After successfully completing the SAP Training course, we have successfully trained and placed many of our students in large MNC companies. For our students, we offer complete placement assistance.

According to Google and candidates reviews, Cambridge InfoTech is one of the best SAP training institutes in Bangalore. Over 8500 SAP training programs have been completed, with 100% placement support provided to students. Over the 10 years, the Cambridge InfoTech team has been committed to provide quality SAP training.

Best SAp training in bangalore - Course highlights

Our trainers are recruited from the SAP industry and have at least 10 years of expertise in implementing SAP technology. All SAP Trainers are real-time working consultants who provide hands-on training based on real-world circumstances.

For the best SAP Training in Bangalore, we offer classroom training, online training, weekend classes, and a fast track course. Students can choose from a range of course schedules to suit their needs.

The course material for SAP training is supposed to assess real-time implementation and will aid students in fully comprehending SAP principles. Our SAP training in Bangalore covers all aspects of SAP technology and provides students with a thorough understanding of real-world situations. Our SAP specialists at Cambridge InfoTech Training Institute in Bangalore have devised a novel method of imparting SAP knowledge in an efficient manner.


  • Free Orientation & Demo Classes – Get in touch with the greatest SAP training real-time professionals, learn about the courses, and get professional guidance.
  • Hands-on Experience – During the training, SAP Server Access will be offered for practice.
  • 100% Job Assistance – Our Placement cell will assist you in finding employment that matches your module and skillset, cutting your job search time significantly.
  • Assistance after You Start Working – For the first three months after you start working and have settled down, our finest SAP training specialist trainers will provide support to taught students.
  • Certification Support – Because certification adds value to your resume, we encourage and recommend that you pursue certification in your chosen field our SAP training professionals will be able to assist you. 
  • Our best SAP trainers are well-versed in SAP and have extensive expertise in teaching end users, students, and corporate workers.


  • ERP and ERP Packages
  • SAP and its architecture
  • SAP and its modules
  • SAP Human Capital Management (HR) and its areas
  • Discussions with Participants
  • Getting Started
  • The HR module
  • Organizational Information
  • Employee Information
  • The recruitment cycle
  • Training and Events
  • Personnel Development
  • Hands On : Matching Profiles
  • Benefits
  • Hands On: Processing an enrollment
  • Personnel Cost Planning
  • Compensation Management
  • Time Management
  • Payroll
  • Hands On: Running a payroll
  • Travel Management
  •  Human Resources Reports
  • Queries
  • Hands On: Creating an ad hoc query
  • Introduction to Organization Management
  • Organizational Objects and designing Organization Structure
  • Organization Units, Positions, Jobs, Tasks, Reporting structure
  • Different interfaces of Organization Management
  • Organization and Staffing
  • General Structures
  • Matrix Structures
  • Expert mode Simple Maintenance
  • Expert mode Info type Maintenance
  • Create Objects
  • Essential Relationships
  • Create Description
  • Create Department/Staff
  • Add Relationships
  • Maintain Plan Data
  • Add account assignment to the company organizational unit
  • Account assignment features
  • Structure Maintenance
  • Configure Positions
  • Configure Reporting Relationships
  • Produce an Organizational Structure Report
  •  Hire an Employee
  • Make changes to Employee Master Data
  • Produce an Employee List report for the new employee
  • Create a Project Plan
  • Generate a project IMG
  • Description of Vacant Position
  • Use the “find” feature to locate IMG activities
  • Execute IMG activity
  • Maintain status of project activities
  • Configuring Personnel Sub-Areas
  • Employee Sub-groups
  • Grouping for Work Schedules
  • Maintain HR Master Data
  • Change Organizational Assignment
  • Display Features
  • Process Feature Decision Tree
  •  Display the HR Master Data
  • Planned Working Time
  • Basic Pay
  • Work Schedules Overview , Primary Wage Type and Employee Groupings
  • Customizing Project Administration
  • Process Feature Tariff: Decision Tree
  • Choose Activity
  • Change Payscale-period parameter assignment
  • Determine work area
  • Create Basic Pay
  • Create Dialog Wage Type
  • Understand Controls used to determine wage type assignment
  • Define feature LGMST to default wage type assignment
  • Setup indirect valuation
  • Understand how to perform payscale reclassifications
  • Configure a payscale reclassification to a new payscale level after employees have been in
  • a payscale level for one year
  • Understand how to perform standard pay increases
  • Modify an existing organizational structure to add a new organizational unit and new position
  • Process a hire personnel action and confirm the functionality of the newly configured
  • personnel subarea, employee subgroup, payscales and wage types.
  •  Completing an Action
  • Maintaining Free Text
  • Time Off Award
  • Creating Positions
  • Changing Cost Centers
  • Changing Bank Details
  • Recurring Payments and Deductions
  • Changing Addresses
  • Viewing Organizational Structure
  • Changing Work Rule
  • Date Types

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