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System Center Configuration Manager training course in Bangalore Kalyan nagar

Cambridge InfoTech grants the System Center Configuration Manager education course, Microsoft SCCM, and its server and tools from our experts in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore. Our Tutor operating in this and connected technologies for a lot of years in MNC’s. We tend to return to trade desires, and that was square giving the most prudent methods. Our trainers offer SCCM in-room coaching, SCCM training in Bangalore, and SCCM company coaching/classroom services. We tend to frame our curriculum to match the material world necessities for each boot level to an advanced level. And coaching is retailed in either weekday or weekend schedule depends on student’s demand. SCCM training in Bangalore

Best SCCM training in Bangalore

We do quantity Fast-Track System Center Configuration Manager training in Bangalore and equaled SCCM coaching in Bangalore. Here area unit the main problems we tend to cowl below this Module 1: a version of System Center Configuration Manager, Module 2: Creating and Expanding a complete Fundamental website, Module 3: Drafting and Configuring Role-Based Administration, Module 4: Creating and Disposing of a Multiple-Site Hierarchy, Module 5: designing, Configuring and viewing Content Management, Module 6: Creating and Configuring Discovery policies and purchaser Installation strategies, Module 7: Managing and following  System Center Configuration Manager. Each material is coated through a principally practical method with models. sccm server appliances sccm server means sccm server tools.

SCCM Training in Bangalore kammanahalli, sccm certification in bangalore
SCCM Training in Bangalore kammanahalli

sccm training in bangalore

Here, Cambridge InfoTech set in various places in Bangalore. We manage to area system the most powerful coaching Institute allows certification homewards. Our partners are available to clear all sorts of transcripts at the top of our sessions. We tend to area unit building a team of trainers and participants for his or her future facilitate and help within the subject. And coaching is targeted at promoting in situations yet. We’ve separate hour team specialists who can beware of all of your audience’s desires. The coaching fees are very less correlated to others. We manage to state unit the sole coaching institute that will yield video displays of our students. We tend to suggest the course timings and begin date yet as below. sccm server tools sccm.

System Center Configuration Manager Course Syllabus

  • There are two papers in System Center Configuration Manager. We have listed the same below. 

    • Deploying System Center Configuration Manager
    • Administering System Center Configuration Manager
    Deploying System Center Configuration Manager 

This module describes the Configuration Manager Infrastructure and typical deployment scenarios. Microsoft SCCM 


  • Introduction to System Center Configuration Manager
  • Overview of the Configuration Manager Server Default Site System Roles and Optional Site System Roles
  • Overview of Configuration Manager Deployment Scenarios
  • This module explains the planning process, inputs, and typical planning activities for deploying a stand-alone primary site. It also describes the prerequisites for installing a site server and related components, the process of installing, configuring, and monitoring a stand-alone primary site. This module also describes the requirements for managing Internet-based clients and configuring a Microsoft PKI solution.
  • Planning a System Center Configuration Manager Stand-Alone Primary Site Deployment
  • Preparing to Deploy a Configuration Manager Primary Site
  • Installing a Configuration Manager Site Server
  • Performing Post-Setup Configuration Tasks
  • Installing a Configuration Manager Primary Site
  • Configuring the Prerequisites for Configuration Manager Deployment
  • Extending the Active Directory Schema
  • Installing a Configuration Manager Stand-Alone Primary Site
  • Lab: Performing Post-Setup Configuration Tasks
  • Validating the Installation of the Primary Site
  • Performing the Initial Configuration of the Primary Site

This module explains how to plan and configure administrative roles.


  • Overview of Role-Based Administration
  • Identifying IT Roles in Your Organization
  • Configuring Role-Based Administration

This module explains how to plan and deploy a multiple-site hierarchy, including the central administration site, primary sites, and secondary sites.


  • Planning a Configuration Manager multiple-site Hierarchy
  • Deploying a Configuration Manager Site and Central Administration Site
  • Deploying Primary Sites in a Hierarchy and Secondary Sites
  • Lab (optional): Installing the Central Administration Site
  • Extending the Active Directory Schema Microsoft SCCM 
  • Installing the Central Administration Site
  • Validating the Installation
  • Installing a Primary Site in an Existing Hierarchy
  • Installing a Primary Site in an Existing Hierarchy
  • Validating the Installation
  • Automating the Installation of a Primary Site
  • Installing a Secondary Site
  • Configuring Prerequisites
  • Installing a Secondary Site from a Primary Site
  • Validating the Installation

This module describes the planning and configuring content management throughout the hierarchy


  • Planning for Content Management
  • Configuring and Monitoring Content Management


  • Configuring Content Management
  • Create a Distribution Point and a Distribution Point Group
  • Distribute and Monitor Content SCCM training course in Bangalore

This module describes the planning and configuring of various types of Discovery Methods and Client Installation Methods.


  • Introduction to Discovery Methods
  • Configuring various types of discovery methods
  • Introduction to Client Installation Methods
  • Configuring and Monitoring Client Installation Methods


  • Configuring various types of Discovery Methods

This module describes how to perform various Configuration Manager Maintenance tasks and how to monitor site systems.


  • Overview of Configuration Manager Site Maintenance
  • Performing Backup and Recovery of a Configuration Manager Site
  • Monitoring Configuration Manager Site Systems


  • Maintaining and Monitoring System Center Configuration Manager
  • Configuring the Site Backup Task
  • Recovering the Site from a Backup
  • Monitoring Configuration Manager

This module describes the migration of objects from Configuration Manager 2007 to Configuration Manager 2012.


  • Overview of the Migration Process
  • Preparing Configuration Manager 2007 Sites for Migration
  • Configuring Migration Settings
  • Migrating Objects

Lab (Optional):

  • Migrating from System Center Configuration Manager 2007 to System Center 2012 Configuration Manager
  • Configuring the Source Hierarchy
  • Creating a Migration Job and Performing Migration
  • Assignment
  • Final Assessment
  • Interview Preparation
  • Resume Support
  • Project

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