As our corporate mission is to bring about change through education, our main commitment is in this line. We offer training and alternate mediums for education like online and distance learning which are cost-effective.

  • ​Individual training and certifications
  • Corporate training
  • Augmented and Extended curriculum for Academic Institutions
  • Management Institutes
  • Engineering and Polytechnic colleges
  • E-learning
  • Subscription-based CBT
  • Webinars
  • Self-paced CBT


Trained individuals need better career opportunities on one hand, while Corporate requires trained people on the other. This symbiotic relationship has great synergy which provides a large pool of trained individuals who have been vetted and screen by us so that they can be offered to satisfy corporate requirements on an on-demand basis.

Another way of looking at this symbiosis is when individuals seek career opportunities we scrutinize them thoroughly giving them a roadmap to skill themselves for better opportunities.

We also offer a limited Staff Augmentation service [SAS mode] for clients with highly pressing needs.


We undertake a variety of projects for custom development based on specific client requirements. These include:

Commissioning & Erection projects

  • Civil and Construction Engineering

Electronic Hardware Design & Development

  • Fabrication of hardware
  • Multi-layer PCB Design [upto 8 layers]
  • Board assembly and system testing

Software Development Testing

  • Software outsourcing and development
  • Software Testing
  • Project Management Outsourcing

Here we make use of our expertise from our other lines to facilitate staff recruitment or augmentation so that clients can scale up very quickly.


For our Corporate customers and clients, we offer advisory services which extend or complement our other LoBs of Recruitment and Training.

Principally, our focus for an advisory consulting lie in enhancing Business Excellence through process improvements. Our experienced staff are knowledgeable in a wide range of domains of IT, ITES and non-IT.

  • Model and non-Model based
  • SEI Models – CMMI- Dev, -Svc
  • ISO Models – 9000, 15504, 20000, 27000
  • SW Testing – TMMI
  • Lean and Six Sigma based


Competency Frameworks have been around for a number of years, yet a lot of Corporate fail to have proper systems of Role-Skills-Competency in place. Our years of dealing with recruiting and staffing, have given us insights on what Corporate want and how individual present themselves and here we see that a huge gap exists between the correct supply and demand. This LoB service bridges this gap by helping Corporate define relevant and accurate competency frameworks which facilitate better matches while recruiting.

  • System study and competency definition
  • Accurate framing of JD’s and Role-Skill-Competency matrix
  • Workforce planning


This business line extends the reach of our training and education services. The limitations of a city-based classroom dissemination constrain the number of potential individuals who can avail these services. By bringing the same courses and curriculum in e-learning formats extend this reach.

We offer e-learning as:

  • Subscription based
  • LMS [Learning Management System]
  • Webinars
  • Self-paced CBT